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Breakthrough Congratulations Trepound for making top eight with Hawkgirl!


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor
Why can't we all just be the best HG (me excluded, I'm free as fuck)? See we Hawkgirls don't engage in your "Hawkgirl of America" or "Match Up Charts All Day Erry Day" bidness. We keep in real with hugs and love

By which I mean LET'S FUCKING GO @AK Trepound380

Icy Black Deep

Still training...
I agree that ppj is a great player all around but not the best HG player. Tre did it with ALL HG bruh
Did you see his match against that Deathstroke player in pools?

Hell of a showing from Tre. I'll be pulling for him against Biohazard's Bane tomorrow, whatever it takes to win.