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Breakthrough Congratulations Trepound for making top eight with Hawkgirl!


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My path at SCR was easy everybody said. MIT does pretty ok at EVO or whatever and Trepound makes top 8 with all HG and stuff uh huh.

Trepound showed up and looked really good.


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@AK Trepound380 BEST HAWKGIRL!!!!
Got top 8 with just HG. Yes I believe he is


He's second best , keep it real

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PPJ isn't just a Hawkgirl player. He's always used multiple characters in tournaments, like Shazam and Lex Luthor, from what I recall. However, it is true that PPJ is currently the most accomplished with Hawkgirl in tournaments. EVO 2014 has established this fact, as Pig pointed out.

Nevertheless, someone's past accomplishments as a tournament player should not invalidate those made by another. The point is, Trepound got Top 8 in a tournament with plenty of heavy hitters, all while believing in his chaarcter, and he does have the right to celebrate that.

I wish him the best of luck for tomorrow, as well as everyone else who made Top 8.


I think PPJ used Hawkgirl in all but one of the match-ups to make top 8 at EVO (which is where we're at in this tournament). It also bears noting that NEC and EVO were more stacked both in terms of numbers and quality of competition, so making top 8 in those tournaments is obviously a bigger challenge, unless we're equating every tournament now. I understand some will automatically take allegiance based on specific agendas but come on...
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No but the fact remains he's beating top competition with HG. Good job to Tre for a top 8, but keep it real. He hasn't gotten to the level of comp PPJ's faced yet, so we'll see tomorrow.
I agree that ppj is a great player all around but not the best HG player. Tre did it with ALL HG bruh


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I agree that ppj is a great player all around but not the best HG player. Tre did it with ALL HG bruh
You're talking about someone who's arguably a top 10 player in the scene, and HG is his main. That's like calling someone a better Akuma than Infiltration because he also uses Chun Li. If Tre comes and bodies everyone tomorrow, we have a discussion. But there isn't that kind of comparison yet.

Regardless, this should be to congratulate Tre and not to argue who's the best