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50€ 5v5 Males vs Females Exhibition - Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament -

Tommorrow is WEEK 2 PC League Season 1 Tournament!

Another opportunity to gain points towards the finals!

Dec 19th - 6pm CET - 10€ Goes to the Winner!

Start earning points when you place Top 16 or higher!

Finals are in April!

Sign up: https://smash.gg/tournament/pc-league/event/pc-fight-night-35-mk11/overview

PS: I have a favor to ask you! I would love to commentate a WePlayUFL event to help bring more attention to the PC MK community! Reply to this tweet and tell them you want Juste Meta to commentate an event for WePlayUFL! -
6hrs from now we are doing WEEK 2 of the PC LEAGUE SEASON 1 series!

Play and place minimum TOP 16 to earn points that could have you compete in the finals for 400€!

Check in starts at 530pm CET and the tournament will start 6pm CET sharp!

Currently CGL Slink is winning with 4 points!

Sign up at the links below: https://smash.gg/tournament/pc-league/event/pc-fight-night-35-mk11/overview

Latest VOD: 20€ FT10 Fridays f. Skidmarki, Evil Spawn, Zackfair, & Sunder! -
WEEK 3 PC LEAGUE SEASON 1 Starts the day after Christmas!

Time to earn more points!

TOP 16 = 1 point TOP 8 = 2 points TOP 3 = 3 points TOP 1 = 4 points

Winner also receieves 10€!

So far CGL Slinksowavy is winning with a total of 8 points!

Dec 26th 2020 @ 6pm CET, check in starts at 530pm CET!

EU/ME/CIS/NA EAST Regions with wired connection!

Sign up:

Latest VOD: Slink Shows Me High Level Sindel - Sets with CGL Slinksowavy -
WEEK 4 PC League Season 1 is coming this Saturday!

Added events for the entire month of December for PC MK11!

Currently CGL Slinksowavy and Gorog1337 are 1st and 2nd with 11 and 10 points respectively!

Top 16 = 1 point
Top 8 = 2 points
Top 3 = 3 points
Top 1 = 4 points

Jan 2nd 2021 at 6pm CET and check in begins at 530pm Sharp via my Discord server!

Sign up :

Latest VOD:
WEEK 3 PC League Season 1 - Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament -
WEEK 5 PC LEAGUE Season 1 is back this Saturday @ 6pm CET!

Current points leaders are CGL Slink, Gorog1337, and Skidmarki!

As usual the winner will receive 10€!

Sign up here:

In other news:
PC LEAGUE Invitational announcement - Our biggest event yet featuring some of the best MK11 talent!

WEEK 9 & 10 PC League Season 1 events now listed on Smash GG!

Current point leaders this season:

Gorog1337 - 24pts
CGL Slink - 15pts
Skidmarki - 15pts
MagicTea - 12pts

Tournaments start the same time as usual!

Saturday March 6th at 6pm CET and check in via Smash GG at 530pm CET!

To score points you must reach TOP16 or higher!

Sign up for both tournaments using this link:

Current scores: https://tinyurl.com/ymv2sdz8