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Competitive PC scene

PC League going forward will have a minimum of 1000€ prize pool which will be held in Matcherino. The community is welcome to add to this prize pot. If we raise any extra funds then the breakdown of the winnings will be :
  • 1 - 50%
  • 2 - 17.5%
  • 3 - 15 %
  • 4 - 5 %
  • 5 - 5 %
  • 6 - 2.5%
  • 7 - 2.5%
  • 8 - 2.5%
PC League Tournament Series will be run as follows :

Regions are EU/Middle East/Russia and East Coast NA.We will hold qualifiers for 8 weeks. The winner of each qualifier will gain a spot in the finals where these 8 players will compete for the 1000€ prize pool. Qualifiers start on June 27th. All tournaments go live at 6pm CET. Sign up for qualifiers ends on the day of the tournament at 5pm CET and check in is between 530pm-545pm CET sharp! Failure to check in results in you being moved to losers bracket. If you fail to check in a second time you will be DQ'd from the tournament!



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Next time I play with someone here, if that person has Shao Kahn, I'd be interested in loading him into a quick online practice session. I've beaten a few SK's lately, but mostly I don't know what is going on or what I'm supposed to be doing. I don't have him, and I'd rather not pay several dollars just to lab a character I have zero interest in while still in my zero income situation.

I'm just looking for major highlights to avoid helplessness. I've gotten as far as to see there is some +6 big leg thing going on, and a game that starts up when he tries to step on my toes.

I wasn't as concerned about it until they done went and buffed him enough to get people playing.
looking for some pc players to spar with on here!
Add me man. I'm SoCal so connection should be pretty decent

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