Combos you can do offline but not online.

Discussion in 'Advanced Gameplay Topics' started by Derek, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. DAVE101

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  2. ded

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    LOL !
  3. NaD

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    Lol is that the playstation version nice graphics
  4. T2 ExCon

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    Mr Wiggl3s wrote:
    Ditto :lol:
  5. Derek

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    I no longer have trouble with aaHP, JK, Air Throw with H. Smoke. However, I can't do HK LP, JK, TKS, cross under RH, teleport, LP, JK with Ermac online. Some times the teleport comes out too late and I have to do a standing HK.
  6. Dredre10

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    Me three
  7. Omalley

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    any ermac or kung lao combo i cannot do online unless with luck
  8. arroyo1218

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    What's the secret to the HP, JK, air throw? I can pull this off 1nce in awhile by pure luck
  9. Derek

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    Run in after the 3 hit launcher. After you do the 3 hit launcher your run/stamina meter goes down walk forward as soon as you recover from the launcher and as soon as the slightest little bit of your run meter comes back run in and do a aaHP, tap run again to cancel, JK, as soon as you hear the JK hit press block. I press block two or three just to confirm the air throw.
  10. I have that mastered Sugar :lol: I do the run in hp, cancel, then walk in a little little bit and do jk throw. ALWAYS works for me
  11. xXGrizZ

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    my biggest problem online as a result of lag or button delay (not sure which is appropriate for my example) is when on my screen it appears to be the perfect instant to release block and rush in to combo I either get snuffed of blocked and offline they would have been wide open.

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