Combos you can do offline but not online.

Discussion in 'Advanced Gameplay Topics' started by Derek, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Derek

    Derek Noob

    Pretty self simple topic just name off some combos you can consistently do offline but either can't do online or have trouble with. These can be in real matches or just messing around trying crazy shit like I do when I don't really feel like playing.

    Me for example anything with H. Smoke that ends in aaHP, JK, Air Throw on XBL getting the aaHP before the Air Throw is hard to do because of button delay. I also have trouble with Ermac's 100 percent combos online because stuff doesn't hit at the same time it does offline.
  2. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    I've done 100% of KL's cross screen infinite in over 200 ms. As long as the delay is consistant I can do anything online that I can do off.
  3. Between the controller and lag I cant do consistently kung laos combos, either infinite. I can do strykers occasionally but not often as I can offline. I cant do for my life online subzero's sujk, rh, lk corner combo... I have actually dont all these minus the kung lao ones online but its like once in a blue moon and I wont even try unless there is zero delay by my standards (my standards are damn high too lol). Also Kabals double or triple jk/fireball in the corner I cant and wont try with delay.

    There are tons I'm not comfortable with when there is delay or lag. But those are some of the main ones.
  4. I cant do shit like that. I rely to much on seeing whats on the screen and reacting more than anticipation. With 200ms delay I'll see something on the screen and the delay will ruin me cause I'll react how I should... and nothing happens.
  5. Derek

    Derek Noob

    I can Kung inf. if they delay is consistent too, but if there's button lag that's a completely different story.
  6. I can't do Kabal's corner juggles offline, but I can do them online. I can do Stryker's corner inf offline, but not online.. I do it all the time on my friends.. xD
  7. It's almost impossible for me to get Stryker's corner infinite online, but I can get it most of the time offline. His cross-screen semi inf. is the same on/off for me.
  8. mistaKM

    mistaKM Noob

    that's easy but can you do kitana'a big punisher?
  9. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Mostly simple shit for me, but also can leave me open or miss a decent amount of damage.

    like... H.Smokes combo, then run in hp, jk air throw.

    That little hp needs to have some pretty tight timing and can make me miss a jk air throw which should never be missed.

    That and aaHp starters
  10. SpunBum

    SpunBum Noob

    i really havent tryed to do big combo offline i practice mine online should i be practicing them offline too?
  11. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    button lag and delay are the same thing?
  12. O Juggernaut 0

    O Juggernaut 0 Ambassador

    -Online I can't do Kabals jk, fb x3 in the corner, but can offline.

    -Ermacs 100% midscreen only can do offline.

    -Hsmokes aaHp jk air throw (to end the combo) only can do offline.

    -Smoke, and Scorpions MAX damage punisher only can do offline.

    -Relaunch with kabal can only do ONLINE.

    Off the top of my head :wink:
  13. Related, but kinda different. Button delay is the amount of time that it takes for your commands to work, lag is when the game freezes and skips frames.
  14. Pretty sure that's directly related, not really "kinda different." What you call button delay is a product of latency times between the two opponents. Generally the higher the latency, the longer it will take your commands to register.
  15. I've had skipping frames, but almost no button lag against certain players. I'm sure they're related, but not directly related.
  16. You can definetly have button delay, and the game will appear to play 100% smooth. Game lag, which makes it look like a frame show for instance, I have played with no button delay.

    They are 2 different things. Button delay I cant play with, I lose tons of fights cause of that shit. I cant run jab nearly as fast or react to block. A 1/10 or 2 of a second is huge in high level fights.
  17. Interesting. I for one have never played this game to where it skips without lag being the issue, but what you're saying doesn't surprise me one bit. This game is full of poor coding surprises. :D
  18. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    No, no one is talking about lag in general. It's about DELAY and BUTTON LAG. I'm sure it's reffering to the same thing.
  19. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    When people say lag now they mean when the game gets delayed and basically stops, or jerks around, slows down, etc. When I say "lag" it's an all encompassing term fro every netplay factor you can think of. Delay is a problem, but if you can have a steady gameplay with the lag on a good controller situation you can deal with it and least complete combos. Don't expect your commands to react to things on site though.
  20. Pretty much what every combo that has been stated that they can do offline but can't do online applies to me as well. And I can't stand playing in delay as I can't react properly and will get my ass handed to me even by players who don't know how to play very well.
  21. As Shock said, people are throwing around the word "lag" nowadays when it comes to drops in their FPS. Lag will always be, in my vocabulary, a term that describes the effects from high latency, which does not affect FPS.

    Too many of my Halo-playing friends throw around the word lag when they play four players on one Xbox where they blame "lag" because they got killed in a low-FPS scenario yet they are all playing on one host machine with 0ms latency, and it kind of bugs me.
  22. Okay well besides the whole lag conversation...

    I can usually max dashes on male ninjas offline with reptile, but online usually I do 3 hp and then an uppercut, or 3hp and a lphp if connection is good.

    I can get the midscreen inf alot offline, but online I mess up around the 4th or 5th dash

    I can relaunch consistently with most characters offline, but once I come online every single one is blockable.

    Thats pretty much it!
  23. TheGreg

    TheGreg Noob

    I can hardly ever do the most basic Ermac combo when I'm online. Slam, HP, HP, JK, Slam, HP, HP, HP, fireball.

    After the first JK, the slam is always too late online and they block it. It's annoying, because it's the easiest combo in the arcade version.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Jax's autocombo
  25. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    There are far too many combos to list, ones that require specific timing are performed once in a blue moon if there is any lag.

    Side note:

    Wiggles your old account is reactivated if you want to use that again.

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