Combo Breaker MKX Top 8 and Results

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By HellblazerHawkman on May 26, 2018 at 5:28 PM
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    DAY 2 MY DUDE! Combo Breaker 2018 is onto another day of hype matches, with today's NRS affairs taking us over to MKX. With Aquaman and Ketchup on mic, and a lot of VARIATION (hahahahahahaha) from the players, this was another amazing Top 8 for the 7,500+ fans watching the stream.

    A Top 8 which was comprised of:

    Echo Fox Scar vs. Noble Rewind
    NASR Tekken Master vs. Killer Xinok


    Coosco vs. A F0xy Grampa
    DS Waz vs. Damaja

    As usual, click that spoiler for the breakdown and results. Otherwise, swing by Netherrealm's Twitch for the archive. Still have Injustice 2 later tonight, so stay tuned to both Twitch and TYM for updates!

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    1. Charybdis
      That was an awesome Top 8
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    2. kabelfritz
      cool mkx is still being played
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    3. Lokheit
      Watching MKX again made me feel the need to play it, it's just soooooo much more dynamic and fun than Injustice.
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    4. Swindle
      This is exactly why you gotta call people out when they blame NRS for their games having a short life span. They don't - It's the community that is deciding when they "die".
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    5. Juggs
      There’s more factors in play than the NRS community. Yes, it’s a big factor, but not the only one.

      I actually dedicated a thread to this topic:

      One thing I don’t think I mentioned is that once the new game drops, most tournaments take the old game out of the lineup. It could very well be because they know we can only play one game at a time, but also, if the community knows the old game won’t be a main game in the lineup, they are WAAY less likely to practice and play it.
    6. Swindle
      The most important factor is DEMAND. If enough players are coming out to tournaments to support the scene, then it can live on. The real problem isn't NRS's dev cycle, or surly TO's that hate NRS's community - it's that these players do not take enough responsibility in supporting their own scene. How many TYM'ers here actually travel to tournaments, even locals, and support their game consistently? Most members here haven't even been to ONE. Not to play, not to assist, not to fill a seat. Nothing. Are there other factors that go into this? Of course there are. But none of those other factors justify shirking personal responsibility if the goal is to keep a game relevant.
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    7. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      So blame the players is your attitude, classy.
    8. Swindle
      The players that don't support the scene, but still bitch about the game not surviving for more than a year or two? Yeah, I'm that classy.
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    9. Juggs
      All the factors play a big role. The issue is understanding WHY the demand isn’t there, WHY players quit the game. Which what I tried to illustrate in the thread I linked. Obviously if no one quit, the game would still be played. But there’s a reason people quit playing, it’s not simply because people are too lazy to go to tournaments. People stop playing at home too.
    10. Cursa
      It's both really.

      If most players just drop a game for whatever reason (Boredom, work/time, competitors releasing a new game), it has a short lifespan.

      If NRS releases a new game every year or so, then the previous game's lifespan gets shorter as a result.

      Plus other reasons.

      I agree with what @Swindle says when people drop a game early in it's life and then wonder why they see the same players at top 8 at every major. Not pointing fingers because yeah there's loads of reasons why people can't attend or support these things but it still contributes

      Excellent top 8 though, which seemed like a more relevant comment
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    11. Sage Leviathan
      Sage Leviathan
      I'd rather devote a thread to how NRS can pack so much content, intrigue, and competitive balance in a game seemingly spawned in a two-year breeding cycle.
    12. Colest
      This was a great send off to MKX. I hope it gets support at other tournaments but the drive just isn't there from the community it seems.
    13. CrimsonShadow
      The thing I always have to bring up when this comes up though, is that it's really hard for players to be top-level competitive in multiple modern top FGC games. There was an era when the FGC and the talent pool for each game was small enough that this was easier to do -- just by having strong fighting game fundamentals, you automatically put yourself ahead of most people in any game. We are no longer in that era.

      We're now in the era of frame data, every match being available on Twitch or Youtube VOD to study, tech traveling at the speed of the internet, and tons of hungry players (up thousand of or more in some cases) showing up to tournaments.

      I don't have to remind you about what happened to Punk when he started focusing on Marvel, or Sonic with the Pro League Championship, etc. These are guys who are more talented than most will ever be, and at the top of their game, and still stumbled because they were taking their focus away from their main title.

      The real truth is, that the majority of no community ever plays multiple games. This is a myth that is just untrue. Smash 4 and Melee are not the same community. They're both under the heading of the "Smash community", but (with only one of two exceptions) they are not the same top players, and not generally not the same playerbase. There are casuals who will dabble in both, but there will always be a huge number of entrants that aren't overlapping and only like one of those games.

      Likewise in the most mature periods of SF4 and Marvel 3, the same top players weren't equally focused on those games. You want to a Marvel tournament to see Flocker and Kane and Chris G and at the highest level, meanwhile SF4 had its own group of gods and top players. Not that some people wouldn't enter both, but those communities were not the same and the "Capcom Community" is really a banner for a community that includes people who only care about one of those two games.

      Asking the same small group of top players we have to care about both Injustice 2 and MKX, for example, when there's a ton of money on the line in IPS, isn't actually fair.

      So Either 1) We grow big enough to actually have two communities under the banner of 'NRS', or 2) We admit that we're really one community and stop guilt-shaming people for not competing in both at every event. But we shouldn't be holding ourselves to an unrealistic standard that no other community is living up to.
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    14. Swindle
      As I mentioned in my post, you don't have to be a competitive player to support the scene. TO's frequently can make use of people for set-up/promotion, donations and just showing up to fill seats. The community isn't just those of us with our hands on the controllers.
    15. CrimsonShadow
      But these are, in all cases, not the same community. It's only our community that guilt-trips people for not playing both. The hundreds of people who only care about Marvel or SF, for example, are fine with only being interested in one of those games.

      We call it the "Smash Community" because they're technically all smash brothers games, but the truth is that it's really the Smash 4 Community and the Melee Comunity, and plenty of people are fine just caring about one of those games.

      They're not worried about filling seats because there are enough people who specialize in each game to have a core tournament from each group at every event. Any overlap is just icing on the cake.
      Last edited: May 28, 2018
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    16. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      What a tourney it was. Watching MKX on a tourney stream again was so much fun, just like any other MKX tourney stream I've seen every since the game came out. Really hoped to see a Reptile or Scorpion in top 8 once again, especially from Rewind, but the tourney was still filled with so much hype and so much excitement. I love this game so much!

      Congratulations to Killer Xinok, the guy earned it and in a stylish fashion nonetheless!

      Also @CrimsonShadow great points dude, we need to be more realistic about our community and sub-communities, and ourselves as well, each for his/her own.
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