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Colombia Vs Venezuela - Round 2 (tournament results & shout outs, etc)


A living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat
So, this time we Colombian players took the trip to a foreign tournament. Not a bad experience at all! It was so much fun, the trip itself was loaded with cool moments. It wasn't plane travel only! once we crossed the border, we took a 10 hour bus ride to finally meet Hanzo and his friends. Venezuela has a warm (hot) weather, and so were the women! LOL

The minute we got to the venue, we started playing. There weren't any xbox 360s, so I just went ahead and started practicing some N64 MKT. They just had me playing Vs opponent after opponent, and let me tell you, those guys were sick! I didn't have a single easy match. Some of them just kicked my ass badly. The good thing is none of them went undefeated against me. And considering I'm not a pad player, I did fairly good. Later they gave me a stick. Yes, a N64 stick just for me jaja it was glorious, I had never, ever played MKT on a stick. It was super kind of them, to make a stick just for me. Remember these guys play on pad or on the original arcade UMK3 layout and we Colombians play on a SF layout.

Then my favorite game was on: UMK3.

I played tons of casuals with Hanzo, RZP, Otto, Reinaldo, Viktors, Homero (predator), Mantequilla, maybe I'm forgetting someone (sorry). These guys are surely top players there. GGs to everyone!

Meanwhile, the SSFIV tournament begun and my team mate Ioros gave Venezuelan players a great impression. I don't know how, but I managed to win 10 out of the 20 matches of the round robin portion of the tournament and broke top 8 jajjajaa! Needless to say, I got owned pretty quickly on the 2nd row.

I had to stop several FT10s in UMK3 because of my SSFIV torny matches. I wish I had finished my FT10 with RZP and Viktors! both of them went 4-4.

Unfortunately the MKT tournament was made on single elimination system and my first match was against none other than Hanzo, so I got eliminated :/ oh well

By 6am (I forgot to mention, the event was at night, starting at 6pm) I was sleepy as fuck since I couldn't sleep so much on the bus trip. The MKT finals were taking place and I was recording them with my camera, sometimes almost falling asleep LOL so I asked a friend to keep recording and I went to "sleep" for about 20 minutes. Damn I was tired. Hanzo woke me up to play the UMK3 tournament and I got to be honest, I was pissed off. It was so late! I traveled all the way from Colombia to play on that tournament and they didn't run it on time. Plus some of the players were asleep as well or they didn't want to play anymore due to being tired, of course. I washed my face and said to myself "what the hell, let's play"

I think I won my first match via a "bye" and my 2nd match was against Matute. I didn't play him on casuals so I didn't know what to expect from him. I lost the first match and then regained some composture and won the next 2 matches. I was moving on on the tournament. All my tiredness or sleepiness was gone by that moment.

My next match was against RZP! the one and only. As I said, our FT10 was interrupted when we were tied 4-4. I had a little confidence. I honestly don't know if he threw the match or just played caresslesly, but I won. I was in winners finals. Against Hanzo, of course. Losers brackets was hell from my view, so I was safe, waiting for my match. Hanzo beat me 3-0 jaja so I was sent to losers finals against RZP (again!). I wanted that sweet GFs match against Hanzo one more time, but RZP proceeded to slaughter me 3-0. I was screwing up my combos, missing basic stuff like an air fireball after a JK for combo ender and even missing the jps into autocombo! I was mad, nervous, frustrated. What can I say? GGs to my Venezuelan brothers. They are sick in this game but I think I had what it takes to be in 2nd place at least.

Here's a playlist with the few matches I could record. But remember we have tons more coming up! tournament footage and casual matches. Stay tuned


It was a great weekend. Thanks a lot for all that you did for us MKK hanzo rzpmkkteam Viktors, Humberto, Carmen, Josther and all MKK Venezuela team in general. GGs to everyone I mentioned in this post and the "nameless" MKT players I got the pleasure to play with. Sick matches!

UMK3 results:

1. Hanzo Hasashi
2. RZP
3. NinjaGrinder

SSFIV results:

1. Ioros
2. Hanzo Hasashi
3. Lalista (we didn't play much, but at least we played 2 matches on Hanzo's cab!)

Colombia Team:

Group Picture (at the end of the event):