CMK's UMK3 Tournament (9-24-2010)

Discussion in 'Tournaments, Results and Match Up Info' started by X820, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. X820

    X820 Noob

    Brackets will be put up asap.

    Signup will close today at 9pm EST
  2. SuGaR

    SuGaR Guest

    If only this could have been on a Sunday =(
  3. X820

    X820 Noob

    You don't need it, as you can host a P2p game yourself.

    For those who had trouble connecting with Hamachi, here are the correct links.

    Taken from the Hamachi P2p thread, here in the UMK3 section.

    Good luck.
  4. Yeah but you might want to fix your post for the people that need to use it.

  5. X820

    X820 Noob

    I already did, besides I shouldn't have to spoon feed anyone :)
  6. X820

    X820 Noob

    Brackets are up, these don't look good but bare with me.

    I made the brackets in a program that enters names randomly and makes the brackets, only thing is there is no way for me to export that as an image to post here.

    So i made these online.

    Good luck tonight people.
  7. Chamma

    Chamma Noob

    Awesome stuff, thanks for doing all of this, X820. This is going to be a blast!
  8. McNasty

    McNasty Moist.
    Premium Supporter

    +2 Brackets look great thank you a millionX!
  9. X820

    X820 Noob

    You're very welcome guys, now let's see how many people show up :)
  10. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    If you know that you aren't going to be able to make it, please post up and say so now so we can get the brackets ready. Before a tourney the brackets are always loosely defined until the people actually show up. But if you know you can't make it please help us out by giving us some notice so there isn't a last second scramble.
  11. McNasty

    McNasty Moist.
    Premium Supporter

  12. YourMKArcadeSource

    YourMKArcadeSource Your Source For All Things MK Arcade Related

    GGS to McNasty. I won 7-1. Uploading video now..

    Liu Kang vs Sub Zero - MK3Fan

    Sub Zero vs Sonya - MK3Fan

    Sonya vs Sub Zero - MK3Fan

    Reptile vs H.Smoke - MK3Fan

    Nightwolf Vs. Sonya - MK3Fan

    Kung Lao Vs. Sub Zero - MK3Fan

    Kano vs Sindel - McNasty

    Stryker vs Sub Zero - MK3Fan
  13. McNasty

    McNasty Moist.
    Premium Supporter

    MK3fan you play freezerburn now hes in hamachi under "mediacenter"
  14. I PM'ed X820 like two days ago letting him know I would be late...

    I'm really angry. Another tournament with a bunch of no shows and where in the past people are shown the courtesy to wait a little when they give notice, no one shows me that courtesy when I've done the same thing for others.
  15. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    The tournament started at 7pm, you showed up at 10pm. That is impossible to wait for.
  16. Pr0fessor

    Pr0fessor Noob

    I told X820 last night that over AIM that I would be unavailable. I should have posted in the thread though, sorry if this caused any confusion or pissed anyone off.

    I might as well just not sign up for tournaments here anymore, because at the last minute something always comes up and I never make it in time.
  17. Yeah I should have also posted notice in this thread. I understand it's too long to wait for and I respect that. I wish I at least got a reply though, maybe I didn't send him the PM as long ago as I thought.

    I'll catch the next one. Sorry guys, I was really looking forward to it.

    edit: Congrats to Miss Spin.
  18. X820

    X820 Noob

    I'm sorry for the guys who didn't make it, we'll do this again sometime with more planning involved.

    Mad props to everyone that showed up tonight, thank you!

    To those who didn't even bother to show up or let everyone know that they weren't going to be part of this, I hope you fall down some steps tomorrow LOL jk.

    Congratulations to the elite female Miss Spin, for winning tonight's tourney.

    As promised, I hereby hand you your prize.. :)

    a cookie.

  19. X820

    X820 Noob

    And last but not least, a massive thank you to ScheissNussen,

    for keeping track of, and updating the brackets, wich is more work then most people will know.

    I'm out of cookies man, sorry :)
  20. AC1984

    AC1984 Kaballin!

    Congratulations to the winner Miss Spin and every one who participated. Keep up the good work guys!!! I know that might be a dumb question,but is there any video footage of some of the matches.
  21. Spic Unit

    Spic Unit Noob

  22. FatalTragedy

    FatalTragedy Jesus Fucking Christ

    Haha, I just got home from work about a half hour ago. My shift normally ends at 4pm. Go figure. I had a party to go to tonight, too. Waste of a Friday.
  23. Chamma

    Chamma Noob

    Don't I get a "Third Place Winner" avatar or something? Of course I didn't fight more than that one battle cuz I had no competition
  24. YourMKArcadeSource

    YourMKArcadeSource Your Source For All Things MK Arcade Related

    Here is some footage of my first and ONLY round. I am selling one of my cars and got a phone call on it. I had to go meet the potential buyer (who ended up buying it), which meant I couldn't stay home and play. Sucks, but that's what happened. Anyway, here is me vs. McNasty..


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