Classic MK Remastered *RUMORS*

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat Classics' started by Juggs, Dec 16, 2018.

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    So I’ve heard some rumors both behind the scenes and publicly about Blind Squirrel making a remaster on 3 classic MK fighting games.

    “A rumour is circulating online that Blind Squirrel Games have been hard at work remastering three iconic fighting games from the 1990s in Unreal Engine 4. The games will make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is believed that the game are most likely the original three Mortal Kombat games. It is just a rumour for now, but if we hear any more we shall keep you fully updated.”

    ^ This article brought to my attention via @EdFig81 on twitter.

    There’s very little, if any, information. There’s also weird, conflicting news here:

    From @DownfouralitY on twitter:
    “Apparently classic and rebalanced HD versions of MK1, 2 and 3 were all planned, greenlit by WB but suddenly got cancelled a week later. NRS/Boon were all for the project but it was WB’s call to cancel it. Super wack”

    What I’m thinking is maybe another company is spearheading this, that WB/NRS has more control over. Idk if that’s Blind Squirrel or not, that is just the rumor.

    Obviously I would be beyond elated if this turned out to actually happen. I’ve been begging for ANY type of re-release of UMK3 on current gen consoles with good netcode. My hopes aren’t up too high, since the HD classic remake was once supposed to happen but didn’t. But I will hope for the best but expect the worse!
  2. Badboy Takuma

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    i hope this is true so i finally can travel to the states to 50-0 juggs in umk3.
  3. Juggs

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    I mean if the netcode is good you wouldn’t have to leave your house to imaginary beat me.

    STORMS Owner / Director

    Until officially announced this thread is nothing but gifs to me.
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  5. MKF30

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    Still bummed that MK 4 continues to get punked whenever classic MK's are mentioned. But heard about this about a month ago, and Max alway talks about it. Sounds cool, I guess WB saw more $ in the newer titles than MK HD during the time.
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  6. Juggs

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    Idk what that means but as I said, my hopes aren’t high but even hearing rumors I figured were worth making a thread over.
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  7. BanTheTesters

    BanTheTesters #TeamBoRaiCho for Mk11!

    im always bummed out whenever mk4 never gets respect...i telling i think im one of the only fans of that series title...wish it could get the re-release it deserves..
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  8. MKF30

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    Oh I'd totally play it as well man, I think it's rather underrated. I read though that we'll be getting an arcade compilation from Arcade 1up I believe it's going to have MK 2, UMK3 and MK 4 arcade ports. I just hope we have the baseball bat knob and not the lollipop one.
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  9. BanTheTesters

    BanTheTesters #TeamBoRaiCho for Mk11!

    Nice man i hope thats true....i know mk4 is the red headed step child of the franchise so idk about a re release lol...would be a solid treat if its true!
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  10. Juggs

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    **This post in response to this might turn out to be a long one. So let the rambling and rantings begin.**

    As far as MK4 being the red headed step child of MK, welll, it really shouldn’t be. It’s by far the best “3D” MK game. The worst part about it, imo, is the graphics. But if they didn’t touch the gameplay and just remastered it in UE4 with all updated graphics and actual online play with good netcode it would be amazing. Gameplay wise there’s a lot of core classic MK mechanics that make the classics amazing competitively, such as kara jabs. MK4 gets shit on way more than it deserves.

    If I had a top 3 of classic MK’s being remastered it would be in order:
    1. Mortal Kombat Trilogy (MKT)
    2. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (UMK3)
    3. Mortal Kombat 4 (MK4)

    I know people love(d) MK2 but it will always felt like a watered down version of UMK3 to me. There not being a run or dash mechanic or really any type of universally quick and/versatile movement really kills it for me. Movement is one of the most fun and important parts of fighting games to me, so having severely limited movement just hurts, at least to me it does. Even with THAT said, MK2 is still a top 5 MK game to me. MKT, UMK3, MK4, MK2, and MK9 are my top 5 favorite MK games. Ironically all 5 of these either have never officially been playable online or the netcode they had were terrible.

    So I really am hoping any of these actually make the cut, again, if this miracle of a rumor turns out to be true. BUT... big but here. I don’t want a remastered product that changes the core gameplay or changes the gameplay at all. We want a remaster for everything visual, that’s it.

    Anyway, I’m not sure if this is legible, never type or even go online after you have just taken an ambien. It’s down right impossible.
  11. STORMS

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    It just feels like one of those things that we all WANT, but I don't feel will ever happen. Especially after that MKHD project was shut down.
  12. Juggs

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    Well I had zero expectations until I started hearing these rumors. It’s not like these rumors are something I just made up or something. I’ve heard/read it from multiple different sites so I figured it was finally worth making a thread about tbh.
  13. Mgo

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    it is more reliable the rumor of the third movie (available from 1997) imo :D
  14. Juggs

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    Never heard that one, lol.

    Honestly at this point I don’t even care if they are remastered or not. The only real positive to UMK3/MKT being remastered is the amount of new blood it would bring. I just want the classics available EASILY on current gen consoles with good netcode. That’s really it. Anything else as far as I’m concerned is a bonus to me.
  15. JRF

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    I hope so...cant wait to body scrubs
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  16. Juggs

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  17. Juggs

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    Meh, the announcement was a brand new IP for them. FeelsBadMan

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    Not going to happen, the only person who could make this happen is Mike Mika owner of Digital Eclipse and Other Ocean. With someone other than WB paying for it and licensing the IP.

    To do all 3 games like MKAK they want around $400k for both new consoles. Last year, I already inquired was willing to pay up to 100k to get it released but they came back 4x that amt before even inquiring about ip rights from wb. I dont believe an investor could recoup more than $100k with just the first 3 games. My opinion.


    Digital Eclipse and Other Oceans are the same company 06 and MKAK were put out by the same people for those who didnt know. Mike Mika is the man behind porting umk to consoles.
  19. Juggs

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    Why is he the only one that can “make this happen”? I don’t understand why people think I am somehow asking for this. Just reporting on rumors I’ve seen from multiple sources, that’s all. If this turns out to be some weird coordinated rumor mill for absolutely no reason, then okay, oh well.

    As far as the rest of what you said, that’s crazy they wanted $400k. But if anyone actually ever read the links I posted, they would see that TWO separate classic MK HD remakes were actually already greenlit by Ed Boon and NRS, even had WB on board. But something “happened” and it fell through. What that was, who knows. So I don’t think it’s at all impossible for this to be a reality.

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    Jugger in the real world bud Ed reports to bean counters, when the numbers get looked at and the CFO or whoever looks at the investments and they say nice game but sorry we are not going to lay out a half a mil to hopefully get back half a mil at best because only 50k people will pay $10 for these games. They will lay out the 5-10 mil or whatever to return over what 50-100 million in sales for INJ or MK11 Just throwing out unknown numbers but you get what im saying. I dont think a new Mkak would even sell 20k no matter how perfect it was fact remains these games are old af and just a novelty to most people other than the 15 people who still take it serious.

    Juggs unless released in some 30th 40th anniversary pack for MK with mk1-10 or some shit it financially doesnt make sense to do.
  21. Juggs

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    You believe that the classics remastered released on all systems would only sell 50k copies? You realize only UMK3 on XBLA sold over 200k copies or so right? And that was ONE game on ONE system.

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    I think that 50k copies for the classics again as is with updated netcode and GUI you would be hard pressed to move 50 at even $10 a crack. Cost 400k to Digital Eclipse or equivelent plus % to wb plus % to microsoft/sony breaking even at best for laying out a half a mil. Ok cool, say 100k at $10 500k investment to maybe make back 2-300 at best in a few years.

    Full new remaster prob a few mill to get released devs paid, paid qc becsuse 3rd party game must be representitive of WB standards ect now u can sell it for 20 bux but it cost 3 mil to make and sold 200k copies made back 3.5 mil 500k profit for 3m investment good luck man.

    Or they can spend 5m make Mk11 and make back 50mil lol.

    Umk is my game , it would be dope but i get business better than umk and i know the numbers aint there for it to occur unless part of a bigger project.
  23. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    The only way I can see it costing so much (for a simple port to the new consoles) is if you were trying to buy the license from NRS/WB or something like that. Also the marketing would probably cost more than the project itself, but it depends on all what they would want to do development/porting wise. Pretty sure the better option instead would to bring them (NRS/WB) onboard and give them either a % of the pie or a royalty in exchange for the rights and maybe some capital. You could definitely negotiate a deal they were comfortable with, what that would be, who knows.

    A remaster would be different and would certainly cost waaaay more than simply porting the game over. Because ontop of all those other costs, the development costs would be infinitely higher for obvious reasons. Which is why I was surprised when I heard the rumors again about a remaster.
  24. GLoRToR

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    Feels weird, seeing their faces.
  25. ReallyMontana

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    Hope it’s true. Need the klassics on PS4

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