Choose Your Destiny - K&M Skarlet Breakdown

Discussion in 'Skarlet' started by FoughtDragon01, Feb 1, 2019.

By FoughtDragon01 on Feb 1, 2019 at 5:32 PM
  1. FoughtDragon01

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    The boys are back at it with even more MK11 coverage, this time with a breakdown of best waifu Skarlet. Check out the video below:

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Discussion in 'Skarlet' started by FoughtDragon01, Feb 1, 2019.

    1. legion666
      I will quote you on the Barake part. Heavy damage?! Depends on the variation.Tweedy said that variation he played had no launchers beside krushing blows and his "great mid projectile" is negative ON HIT. How is he playing at minimal risk if he can't combo you beside whiff punishing with a krushing blow and other characters / variations get at least short combo continuation every time? How is he playing his projectile game if he is negative even on hit, and if the projectile is read is punishable by a full combo? Besides the fact that he can not use projectiles against characters like Scorpion or even Raiden or he risks another full combo. Can we wait until we explore the characters and have like 100 matches experience in the MUs before doing all this ridiculous tier claims?
    2. Circus

      Ridiculous tier claims? What? Where am I claiming tiers?

      I guess I should make the "If I dared to give my opinion" in gigantic glowing bold letters, huh?

      My opinion might not mean much to you, but you're quick to listen to Tweedy's opinion of a character not having good tools.

      Does that mean you and Tweedy believe "BARAKA LOW TIER OMG", or are you just having a conversation about a character? Conversation right? Then why immediately think I'm claiming something definitive like tiers already? Come on now.

      Just chill out man. This is a competitive forum for people to talk and be excited about shit before it comes out. If we aren't excitedly conversing about how good or bad we think a character or their tools might be then we're just here jacking each other off over how pretty the game is.

      And btw, Baraka's Spark is +4 on hit in the demo build and my opinion on him being potentially good stands. His frame data in the build is incredible. Even with his + on block D4 alone I think he could cause chaos in such a footsie heavy game. There's a reason why Sonic Fox said that of the 7 in the build that's who he'd main.

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    3. callMEcrazy
      Where the hell are you guys getting frame data from? Can I please get in on that? All I can find is moves list. I need to look at some numbers to get my head straight.
    4. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      Well, that excalated quickly

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    5. legion666
      I didn't say he was good or bad. I stated facts about his gameplay. Maybe I did exaggerate a bit, not "tier claims" but you definitely stated you think he is better than the other characters. The version in this screenshot is probably different from the one Tweedy was talking about. But even +4 on hit and -18 on block isn't that great to be honest. Especially against the characters I have mentioned. And the fact that he didn't have a launcher still stands. So the damage isn't great outside the whiff punish with 122 or d2 once a match for krushing blow.
      I am not against speculation, I just refuted the statements of yours that weren't true about Baraka ( or weren't true for the variation played during the exhibition). I agree that + on block d4 is crazy good, but if he can't get damage beside whiff punishing it won't lead to any substantial reward.
      The bottom line is like in the example with the blade spark, the frame data and moves available in certain variations are all subjects to change. So the statements about character effectiveness based on that are pointless. Scorpion's ex teleport was safe on block in that build. So Baraka's zoning game is out of the question and Scorpion doesn’t even take any risk. But I am sure it will be changed in future builds.
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    6. legion666
      Oh, and I see now why I was so harsh about the “tier claims”. The other posts about Scarlet being a definite top tier had more to do with that than your statements about Baraka)
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    7. SaltShaker
      About Baraka, one of his variations does have a standard launcher, just not all three variations. It's the forward stab move that you MB to launch. I can picture a lot of players using that variation, especially early on. It's on the K&M Baraka video too.
    8. legion666
      I know, it’s just that in the exhibition matches on US reveal stream the pros could only use one variation, and for Baraka it was the one without that stab.
      I just think the stab should be his standard special in all variations. Because right now only one variation has combos without using one of the krushing blows.
    9. Circus
      I think I might make a thread with all the frame data compiled today. My time is literally that unimportant to me and I'm manic waiting for more info too lol.
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    10. trufenix
      Just a healthy reminder of why "speculating" about tiers pre-release is just as annoying as actually admitting you're forming opinions.
    11. DoDaMuSiC
      Can people stop spelling sCarlet, pls?

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