Choose Your Destiny - K&M Skarlet Breakdown

Discussion in 'Skarlet' started by FoughtDragon01, Feb 1, 2019.

By FoughtDragon01 on Feb 1, 2019 at 5:32 PM
  1. FoughtDragon01

    FoughtDragon01 12, 12, 12, 12 x Nutpunch OP

    The boys are back at it with even more MK11 coverage, this time with a breakdown of best waifu Skarlet. Check out the video below:

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Discussion in 'Skarlet' started by FoughtDragon01, Feb 1, 2019.

    1. leoj89
      Character currently looks ridiculous . If she stays the same between now and release get ready to see a red top 16 in the near future.
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    2. FoughtDragon01
      I wanna wait until I see some hard frame data before coming to any conclusions, but first impressions? Yeah, her buttons and tools seem to play this game very well. She looks like a footsie monster, but I wonder how her buttons' start-up frames will compare to the rest of the cast. Since her normals have so much range, I can only imagine that she'll like rushdown about as much as these forums like petitions in order to compensate.
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    3. Jhonnykiller45
      Good thing we're in day -81 then huh?
      Great show from K&M anyhow.
    4. RonnyRAGE
      She is diffidently top tier of the reveal build. Hopefully she's top 5
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    5. SaltShaker
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    6. SaltShaker
      I agree. I too think she looks significantly better than the 20 unrevealed characters.
    7. leoj89
      Man, I tired so hard to word my post so I wouldn't see these replies but I guess I failed.
      This is TYM, it's never too early for a tier list ! :D

      edit: TBH I'm trying to up play early so I don't have to deal with this wanna be Mileena. :DOGE
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    8. Marlow
    9. kabelfritz
      remember she hasnt got all those specials at once
    10. MKF30
      She has a lot of specials, going to be interesting to see which are picked. A lot of them seem good.
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    11. HellblazerHawkman
      When I was playing her, she felt really strong. If you want to play Skarlet without being called a tier whore, make sure you call her now
    12. Circus

      Ugh... I'd pump the brakes on that kind of talk guys.
      You're doing the whole knee jerk NRS community thing.

      Skarlet is going to play her ranged game like the best of them, but judging by the frame data of the 7 characters shown so far in the demo build, I wouldn't be too afraid of her if you plan on not being a ranged fighter.

      Demo Build Fastest Pokes

      1. Subzero D1: Startup 6, Block -9

      2. Baraka D3: Startup 6, Block -4

      3. Geras D1: Startup 6, Block -3

      4. Scorpion D1: Startup 7, Block -3

      5. Raiden D1: Startup 7, Block -3

      6. Skarlet D1: Startup 8, Block -5

      Demo build D4's

      1. Subzero D4: Startup 11, Block -9

      2. Scorpion D4: Startup 11, Block -4

      3. Geras D4: Startup 12, Block -5

      4. Raiden D4: Startup 14, Block -7

      5. Baraka D4: Startup 15, Block +1

      6. Skarlet D4: Startup 16, Block -17

      What this shows is that given the opportunity, you could bully Skarlet HARD because her disadvantage state up close will be bad. She is going to struggle a little bit up close vs people faster than her.

      Sure, at a distance she seems unmatched at the moment, but if you're a character like Subzero who clearly excels up close with his 50/50s and fast pokes... don't worry. That and the fact that they've given characters with small range and slower projectiles ways to close the distance quickly like Subzero's plus on block far advancing kick. If he forces Skarlet to block that, she's playing Subzero's game immediately.

      TLDR: Trust NRS's judgement on this kind of shit for now. They've been doing it a while and know what's up at this point as far as balancing strong zoning.
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    13. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      didn't i covered all these already?
      The only few things here uncovered before is that blood shot can be amplified to make it return and heal her health as well, and blood trail restands when amplified like her other 2 specials,otherwise everything its definitely covered.

      Just to add to it, 124 is special cancelable even on the last hit, you can see Dragon doing this in his matches with Honeybee.
      her overhead has a Krushing Blow ability that heals her if connected

      But this is a really good coverage of her specials the best one i've seen, and like i said before, MK11 Skarlet is a redesign, her moves look different but its a different formula from MK9 but the biggest twist is mostly all her moves have MK9 proprieties and some have even been buffed, they kept her walkspeed from MK9, they gave her a faster dash according to @Poto2222 so i'm not really worried

      Skarlet has a lot of ulitily in MK11 and great mobility options, after seen all her specials that i have not seen in action i get to have even new ideas to utilize some of ridiculous setups at the end of some combos and good to know her Parry can be holdable and you can cancel it (Kitana like in MKX)
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    14. iSuckAtFightingGames
    15. Living Corpse
      Living Corpse
      Have I mentioned I have a blood fetish?
    16. SaSSolino
      Can't wait for mestruation jokes to come back.
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    17. MK Led
      MK Led
      please god no
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    18. wsj515
      Whether or not she'll end up being top tier, I can definitely see her being the scrub killer on release
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    19. MKF30
      I think no doubt she’ll be good but after seeing Sonya’s breakdown vid from m & k, I think Sonya looks even higher tier honestly but time will tell as these are off earlier builds. I think I’ll use scarlet this time around, she looks fun regardless of tier like I’m using Fujin don’t care what tier he is.
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    20. Circus
      Every character from the demo build looks really good imo. If I had to guess, I'd say that they are all very tournament viable.

      If I dared to actually give my opinion on who's the best in the build though, I'd no doubt say Baraka. By only a little, but yeah.

      Sonya's mix is great and all, but she has to take some risks sometimes. Baraka has a D4 that is +1 on block and ranged, he's great at whiff punishing, he has a great jump in kick, he does heavy damage, and he has a great mid projectile. He's making you play his game at minimal risk and is great at any range. If the Baraka player has good defense and fundamentals, it's going to be tough to beat. Quote me on that.

      With all that said though, he doesn't really have anything cheap, so I honestly don't mind it at all. It goes to show how great this game is going to be if an honest solid character ends up being considered one of the best.
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    21. MKF30
      Oh you played it at the event? Damn, so jelly! lol I haven't yet but can't wait til I get my hands on the beta hehe. Of course judging by watching and actually playing make a difference as well, but I agree. Nobody from this build at least looks "bad" the game looks very tight and balanced I know there's plenty more characters to see but yeah I like how everyone offers something different to the table. My friend will be happy, one of his favs in the series is Baraka. He's just a casual player but he always loves Baraka, J.Cage and Stryker.

      Yeah, he does look solid. Can't wait to see more of my favs show up!
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    22. Living Corpse
      Living Corpse
      Why is it when it comes to women no one can come up with a more original joke than resorting to sex jokes?
    23. SaSSolino
      Because Skarlet literally controls blood? Nothing sexist about it, you can put your white armor away.
    24. MK Led
      MK Led
      I agree that its not sexist, it's more that its just low tier comedy lmao. Like twitch chat stoner level shit.

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