Characters Confirmed for MK11 and Other Stuff from New Story Trailer

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Mar 6, 2019.

By HellblazerHawkman on Mar 6, 2019 at 10:46 AM
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    Figured this is worth a quick, separate posting because I've been seeing people all abuzz (intended spot for pun coming soon) about reveals and confirmations in the new MK11 Story Trailer and some of y'all might have overlooked something or just don't have the time to scope it out, but want details. So just a quick list for whoever this applies to!


    -Skarlet has a dope as heck hairstyle, either as an alt or redesign from the last time we saw her. Erron Black also has a really cool new outfit from his MKX appearance


    - D'vorah will be getting the hood and jacket from MKX somewhere. Whether this is her default and what we saw was an alt remains to be scene, but it does exist in MK11 and she wears it in the story mode. Also, Shao Kahn is officially playing a major role in the story. This was vaguely touched upon a while back, but now we know exactly what's up. There's a blue guy hanging out with Shao Kahn, definitely one of the remaining new characters, I just don't know which one.


    -This one's speculation more than a confirmation, but there's a scene with some people seemingly getting their souls drained by a green energy. Historically speaking, Shang Tsung is famous for doing that to people, because he's a bad guy who does bad things. So for those holding out hope for Shang Tsung, this is a good sign.


    -Kotal and Jacqui both made the trailer, with Jacqui getting small bits of gameplay shown.



    *EDIT - Missed Frost in all of the running around I was doing
    So yeah, think that's all covered there. Now I must rest for today's Kombat Kast at 4PM EST on
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Mar 6, 2019.

    1. MKF30
      Her among others, no sign of Smoke, Ermac, Fujin, Stryker, Sindel or Nightwolf either. Especially in this scene in MK history, Ermac, Stryker, Smoke and NW were originally there during that time period so I'm wondering why Kronika conveniently left them out lol I'm sure they'll explain it.
    2. Blizer
      Tbh, Kotal is by throne there, and we dont see him come from the magical sand, which makes me believe that she just grabbed people from different time periods and put them smack in the middle of Current time Outworld.

      Got nothing on why the other iconic OG characters are there

      so, blame NRS i guess lul.
    3. MKF30
      Could be, but still Kronika's reasoning has her cherry picking certain people on purpose as she even admitted who fit into her agenda. It's like those I mentioned wouldn't want one timeline over another? lol But I'm sure NRS will explain it, these are afterall glimpses of the story, could be 7 hours for all we know. And MK X's, MK 9 did show main characters that weren't playable however. Could be the case this time as well. I have no issues with the ones there already. I'm going to still guess Reptile, Fujin and Ermac will be DLC I hope for my favs at least.
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    4. Blizer
      I hope my Boy Reptile comes back for DLC

      Mk9 and mkx he was one of my favorites

      I also hope for another 3d character to comeback, like havik or nitara (I know that nitara likely wont come back for this game, considering Skarlet is in the base roster, but i can hope and dream)
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    5. FoughtDragon01
      A shame that it looks like the Order and Chaosrealm still aren't coming into play. Aside from Havik, I'd have loved to see a new take on somebody like Hotaru, maybe bring in some new characters too since he and Havik are the only bastards I can actually remember from those realms off the top of my head.
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    6. Blizer
      The only thing we can hope for is if the kollector is a chaosrealmer
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    7. FoughtDragon01
      Fingers crossed, but it looks like Outworld has become NRS's go-to for crazy creature designs.
    8. Blizer
      I mean, tbf its a place with multiple merged realms

      Nitara`s race is vampires, you have Shokan, Dvorah is a hive.

      NRS can generate alot of content from Outworld, simply cause we dont know how many realms have been absorbed into it.
    9. Jhonnykiller45
      Has become? It's always been.
    10. MKF30
      There's rumors that he is from Chaosrealm but just speculation at this point. Would be cool, he definitely looks nothing like we've seen before from Earthrealm, OW, Edenia etc
    11. Blizer
      I was wondering why Kronika brought in Past/AU Raiden, Kitana, Jade, Liu, and Kung, if she was bringing in Shao Kahn.

      The only reason i can think of is her trying to manipulate them, but they are incredibly untrustworthy of Shao Kahn, which is why Raiden works with Kotal, and Kotal sends scouts to follow him.
    12. FoughtDragon01
      Ah, you right. Sorry, i talk bollocks when I'm tired as sin. Still, I expect the kollector to be another Outworlder, but Chaosrealm would be awesome.
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    13. Pizza
      I can only imagine how cool would Havik and Hotaru be in this engine with a revamped moveset.

      One can dream...
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