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Cetrion - Reveal Trailer


Haha its funny that you paid attention only for this part of the post but whatever :). Happy that some of you guys are pleased with her. I'm not. I'm now in this group with the feeling that it's some guest comic character who stole moves from some OG chars.
Feel like I've said this before in other NRS games, so I won't panic, but she looks like just Posion Ivy with moves taken from other characters.

Her fatality was goofy as hell too. Why grow so big just to shoot a beam that's barely wider than the opponent . Would have been much better if she made some hug crater or even blew up the whole planet.
You can dislike a character concept without calling anyone who thinks she looks pretty cool/fun bad at the game. Of course I'm going to call you out when you fart in your own mouth. Aaaaanyway.

She looks pretty neat. I see a lot of borrowed kit, but then there are like... 4 characters with Shadow Kick in the game but Johnny is still around so?... I don't think this deconfirms anyone really.