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Cassie Cage MU Discussion (MK11)


Honestly she’s just hard to punish online. She does negative strings into D2 all the time and hits me out of F4. The amount of D2 I get hit with that should not work with her are pretty crazy. Or she does her butterfly that’s -13 i believer and D2 me out of F2 and gets a crushing blow. Same with the damn overhead strings
They are twirling the staff on a blocking opponent? Isn't that ...death on block?


Pick up & kill it & kill it & kill it!
Haven't been here in a while, but in case people start wondering, this patch changed up one of her best combo routes from B24
B24 xxex low shotxx j3 111 xxglow kickxx will only work on certain characters now.

You can do this as a new route even though it's been there for a while:
B24 xxex low shotxx stand 4 111 xxglow kickxx & you still get close to the same amount of damage as you were getting from the 29%. 28%.