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Can we have a serious, level headed discussion about MLG


As someone at the event, I understand the frustration more than anyone, but I'm seeing some stuff here that bothers me.

Yas, this tournament was a huge clusterfuck and should raise a few eyebrows for anyone thinking about attending future MLG's. However everyone's talking about exploitation and never attending MLG again, etc, and I think we need to take a step back for a minute before we go that far

MLG has provided an excellent tournament experience in the past. For stream viewers, casuals tournament goers, and top players the experience during MK9 was top notch. Everyone agrees with that. What happened yesterday was probably an isolated incident and an honest mistake. MLG has treated the community well in the past and probably isn't intentionally trying to give us the shaft now.

FGC is pretty small. MLG isn't exactly making money hand over fist by exploiting, the prize pot is higher than the entry fees everyone here paid and the viewers they get are nothing compared to their other games. I honestly think they care about the games and our giving us an opportunity rather than exploiting us and this was just a case of a poorly run event.

I have more I want to say, but I think a lot of other people here know what I'm talking about and I've got to head to the venue. We practically begged for this event and I still fully expect today to be an awesome experience for everyone here. Let's not say 'fuck MLG' quite yet. Let's see how today goes and how MLG respond

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You probably have the most legitimate gripe about yesterday of anyone so if you're willing to see how today plays out we all should. We'll see. If they salvage today it'd go a long way.


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I agree 100%. Here's my post from the other thread:

Ok, everyone hold your horses. Just like a specific person is not responsible for the entire FGC or and entire FGC game's community, MLG is a huge org. with a big chain of command and a lot of people involved.

Although I know everyone is angry, people need to calm down and avoid blaming and bashing the entire MLG organization over what happened yesterday. For those of you who are new, fighting games have always been treated well in the past, and it doesn't male sense to burn MLG to the ground over one uncharacteristically bad experience.

What DOES make sense is to find out who at MLG was directly responsible, figure out what happened here, communicate directly and make sure issues are corrected and it doesn't happen again. Also to make sure that today 's tourney is as good as it can be. That is the difference between being a bunch of crybabies and a community that demands respect.

THEN if they refuse to acknowledge or address the issues once everything calms down and we have a chance to talk about it, that's when you say "forget it". But people who weren't even there are jumping to conclusions about the entire organization and trying to burn bridges for tournaments they don't go. That's like someone who doesn't play NRS games deciding that the entire community is worthless because they talked to someone who had a bad experience once (e.g., Floe).

We live in a small world and we need everyone to work together to make it better -- that means making use if resources if we can and learning to deal with problems directly before we give up.


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It's nice to see Injustice in a big venue. Even if the tournament numbers are low and overshadowed by CoD and SC2. But that was expected. We have a relatively easy format and setup compared to 5 man team setups for shooters. Maybe they just had too much to do and ran out of time before the tourney started. They've had 12 hours to check everything so I expect good things today.