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Cage Family Showcase Trailer

I'm beyond excited with all the Mk goodness we're getting but for the love of the elder gods, I hope that dialogue is metaphoric or the situation is fixed in the game. If something happens to Sonya I will be so heartbroken. I already got the chils just from hearing it.


Made an account in order to offer solidarity for my fellow Sonya fans who are experiencing crippling anxiety episodes as a result of that intro dialogue.

Here's to hoping that if, indeed, this means what it supposedly means, her younger counterpart takes over for her. Although that would make for a really strange relationship, between her and Cassie--"Here's my mom who's the same age as I am, but who's not really my mom." How would that awkwardness last in future games?
I wouldn't make any assumptions about anyone dying or staying dead in a time travel story, but that's a big screw-up if they didn't mean to put it out there lol
Yeah Greas is on his billionth life cycle.

Time manipulation means fighters might die and come back repeatedly in one game instead of the next or after the next.