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Chronic F2 Abuser
I don't know how much anyone else has been dabbling with it, but D4 actually has absurd low profiling properties. From half screen to full screen, there are certain mid projectiles you can reasonably react to and D4 under. I'm currently playing on an account where I don't have the DLC, but from what I can remember he can low profile:
  • Shang Double Amp Straight Skull (The kustom nobody equips)
  • Shao Hammer Toss
  • Johnny High/Low Forceball (Actually can't low profile it fullscreen; can do it from 3/4 screen where you can't usually duck it)
  • Sonya Amp Rings
  • Spawn Amp Projectiles (This one is especially useful because you can blow up neutral 34 amp projectile and recover in time to punish)
  • Sub-Zero Deep Freeze (Admittedly pretty difficult/unreliable; would not recommend unless avoiding chipout)
  • Kano Amp Knives
  • Kano Laser
  • Jade Air Glaives (FROM ABSOULTE FULL SCREEN ONLY; Essentially useless tbh)
  • Kotal Grand Discus
  • Sheeva Base Amp Fireball
  • Rain Katar Toss
  • Nightwolf Base Amp Arrow (This is the only one I'm uncertain of; can't remember)