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Atom Pre-Release Discussion Thread


Thanksgiving corner game, going ham and stuffing
1000% his normal stomp will be nerfed..

I think they didn't mean to make it plus 8 on block.

To put it in perspective. There is no other special move in the game as plus.. not even mb.. maybe mb up batarang
The startup looks very slow, very reactable. Remember Kotal Kahn's unblockable?

Edit: also if we're talking about MB specials being plus, Crow's MB fear wave is +6. Chill


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Also I don't think you can safely cancel into it without there being a gap that can be poked out of. I'm currently using it to help guarantee chemicals from a safe distance against characters who close distance really quickly, like flash.


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So glad Atom isn’t going to be a tech monster. Just pick him and rock. Really looks like you gotta pick the right move at the right time to use him correctly.


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Apparently, I checked to see if he was available before i went into work at 6:30am PST and hes at least you can go to his hidden icon, but still is not available yet to download.

Funny thing tho....I found an Atom combo vid with somebody doing pretty sick meterless combos with around 500 damage! Then i realized.....the combos were being done on Darkseid.....LOL