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General/Other Aquamans 112 string

This probably doesnt need its own thread but i havent seen Aquaman's 112 string discovered/ brought up yet

Basically Aquaman has a 11 string and a 1123 string but no 112... However... If you imput 1123 then imput any special move after the 1123 it buffers into 112special (so whenever i say 112 db2 or w.e the imputs are 1123 db2)

So 112 special on hit leads to same combo options as 22 or b12 and is just slightly more damaging then 22 (22 db2 does 15% while 112 db2 does 16%) but more the most part 112 combos lead to the same damage as 22

Now what makes this string better then 22 is there seems there seems to not be as tight of a window to land 112 db2 MB b3 as there is to do with 22 db2 MB b3 (its not a magical easy mode link now but after a short amount of time in pratice mode i can land it pretty consistantly)

Now it wouldnt be youre best option to use 112 in the neurtral game bc 1 hits high but as it great for punishing becuase 1 is 9 frames compared to 2 which is 13 frames making 112 a great string to punish youre opponent with (as long as the opponents hurtbox isnt lowered)

So other then a punish 112 and 1123 is a very good block string after a jip because it leads to sort of 50/50
1223 is plus 5 on block giving you a pressure after but theres a gap in the 112(3) and 112 into specials have a gap too but i test it and only armor can interupt anything bc 6 frame pokes and specials dont

So for most chars (not including xray) the only way to interupt 1123 is with a MB b3 or f3
But both 112 db1 and 112 df1 blows this up so as long as they dont have xray its a 50/50 against most chars

Now the only character that i know who can blow up this 50/50 set up (without xray) is grundy with his walking corpse but if you do 112 watershield grundy hits the watershield and then you can full combo punish him for that so Aquaman still have the option to punish him for trying to escape the set up

Hopes this helps anyone and post here if find anything else useful about 112 :)
I don't think I've ever purposely used 1123
Its not a bad string its just that Aquaman has some pretty great ones that it look useless in comparison but 112 is a faster 22 you dont really use either in the neutral game but great for punishes

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I think technically in a punish situation it's his highest damaging ground combo starter.

Still whiffs on a lot of weird stuff though.
1123 is one of his best punishers and its a good combo starter for the most part. I appreciate this find though.

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I'm gonna have to mess with this some tomorrow. I'm surprised to hear about it doing better damage than 22 starter; I assumed there would be some damage scaling due to the 1 starter. Guess I assumed wrong.


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They do the same damage maybe 1% more but you have to do 1123 cancel to get out the special


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I never use it as a combo starter. Don't like it. But I do use it for extra damage mid combos


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I don't remember off the top of my head, but its pretty good advantage on block. It also jails off J1 and doesnt whiff if they crouch, at least on some chars. It's been a while, but I remember it having it's uses.

It does have a gap in it somewhere though.


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I don't remember off the top of my head, but its pretty good advantage on block. It also jails off J1 and doesnt whiff if they crouch, at least on some chars. It's been a while, but I remember it having it's uses.

It does have a gap in it somewhere though.
it's like plus 8 on block I think.

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I use this string all the time and I feel like I never see anyone else using it. Especially useful in the corner. First off, I started using it in my bnb corner combo back in like Sept of 2013 to add more damage and FINALLY saw someone else use the same combo about 2 months ago. I'm sure someone else discovered it first, but anyway, that combo is:

B12~DB2, B123~DB2(MB), 1, 1123~DB1, F21+3. Nets you a whopping extra 1% than the standard combos I've been seeing in the corner. Looks cooler too.

If you're spaced right 1123 can advance you forward and puts you at around +8 on block. Most opponents arent familiar with the string and try to poke so I'll D1~FTD if I have trait loaded. If no trait, D1~Trident Rush. Also a guaranteed throw...especially online.

Every Aquaman should have this in their arsenal.
i think i am the only aquaman that really used it after a jip. If I remember correctly it is +5 on block which no one really knew so almost a guaranteed d1 trident rush after. The only problem it starts with a high and j1 doesn't jail into it so it can be full combo punished. But if they start doing that do a b1 instead after a j1 and they eat the 40% combo.


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nice, i'll have to start using this. by 50/50 are you referring to 223 and 22 cancelled into trident scoop?
he's saying that there's a gap in the string that characters can punish, and you have options to cover it if your opponent tries to armor through it.

and do not do 22 scoop, it's not a 50/50.