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[Apr 28, 2012] Civil War 4! A Road to EVO Event! (Richmond, VA)

Greetings to everyone from RVAtournaments.com and RVA Fight Club!
It’s time once again to announce Virginia’s biggest major, CIvil War!
We’re coming at you with all 6 EVO main games, as well as 5 more tournaments!
We’re also proud to announce that Civil War 4 will be a “Road to EVO” event for all 6 of these games, so if you want your Evolution seeding points and a chance to get on that big stream event, come to Richmond, Virginia at the end of April!
The date
We will be hosting it from 6pm April 27th to Sunday 29th 2012. That’s right, a 2.5 day event! Schedule is to be announced and is dependent on registrations, but plan on most tournaments taking place saturday, and top 16’s (or even 32’s) taking place on Sunday.
The venue
will be Comfort Inn Midtown Conference Center in Richmond, VA.
We will have two ballrooms with over 7000 sq ft of space! This is the same location we’ve had River City Runbacks and River City Bowl, with the added bonus of a secondary ballroom.
Room blocks have been added at an ULTRA discount rate of 69$ per night. That’s SUPER cheap! Book now, because it’s a NASCAR race weekend in Richmond, and those rates won’t last! Rate will expire April 16th!
The price
Every game is 10$ to enter with one exception (more on that later).​
Pre-reg venue fee (CHANGED FEB 12th)
is 20$ from now until March 31st.
After that, it’s 30$ from April 1st-24th.
Registration will be 40$ at the door Saturday morning.
We will be handing out badging and allowing “at door” purchases of badges at the event on Friday night.
Please, please don’t wait until the last minute. The tourney experience is always better when I have more time to plan for the correct amount of attendance!
The pre party!
Team tourneys and side tourneys will be the night before on April 27th. Expect old school tournaments, team tourneys, and just general merriment. Also, we will be doing pre reg check ins, pool assignments, and last minute (at door) registrations there.
Without further ado…
SRK Thread:
The Games!
-All games will be on Xbox 360 using VGA CRT monitors. True HD, True lagless.
-All games will be best of 3 games, loser’s grand finals 3 of 5 games.
-3d games will have the standard 3of5 rounds/ game format.
-All games will be double elimination, pool style.
-If you are a PlayStation pad user I recommend visiting Etokki.com and buying a PS2->xbox 360 converter. If you use a PS3 stick, I’d recommend one of fabulous in state modders, such as Matthew Gummo.
-If you main or secondary a DLC character, please try to let me know. I’d like to have an accurate barometer of DLC character usage to be properly prepared.
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012: Singles
Xbox360 10$
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Singles
Xbox360 10$
-DLC characters are allowed
Street Fighter X Tekken: Singles
Xbox360 10$
-As of now, gems are banned.
King of Fighters XIII: Singles
Xbox 360 10$
-All DLC characters are allowed.
Soul Calibur 5: Singles
-Ezio is allowed.
-Create a characters are not allowed.
Mortal Kombat 9: Singles
-DLC characters are allowed
Kratos & Kratos stage are banned: randomly shakes mid match and can mess up combos amongst other things.
The Street stage banned: vehicles driving by blind players from projectiles, etc.
Do not use the Hell stage. The stage lags character animations.
Do not use the Wastelands stage. The stage drops Jump Kicks.
For any colorblind players, use The Courtyard (Day)
Winner stays with character, and character keeps same costume from previous match.
No game altering Kombat Kodes. IE Dream Kombat, Dark Kombat or Jumping Disabled, etc..
Tekken 6: Singles
Xbox 360 10$
Skullgirls (Singles)
Xbox 360 10$
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition:Singles
Xbox360 10$
-Gill is banned.
Blazblue CS2 Extend: Singles
Xbox360 10$
-DLC characters are allowed
Smash Bros Melee (gamecube)
Thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=318539
Singles: 15$
Doubles: 15$
Sets are Best of three matches, 4 stock, no items.
8:00 minute timer

Lowest Port Priority gets to pick who goes first in stage striking. If there is a fight over who gets their preferred port, just play a game of rock paper scissors.

Because of the number of legal stages, when best of five sets are played during the tournament, dave’s stupid rule will not apply. Quarterfinals and all matches above that will be best of 5. Grand finals will be best of 7.

Otherwise, we will be using Apex’s ruleset. For all the rules follow the link below:
Super Street FIghter 2 Turbo: Singles Grand Master Tournament
Arcade (either supergun or cabinet setup will be provided) 20$​
-Akuma is banned.​
-Tourney format will be Round Robin style groups that will seed into a single elmination bracket. (think world cup). Group matches will be 3 of 5. Knockout Matches will be 4 of 7.​
Registration is now open! Please allow 24 hours for registration to process and for you to receive your Paypal invoice.​
Streams: (updated Feb 12th)​
Side Streams (possible)​

Civil War 4 Registration Timeline

Tuesday, April 24th, 11:59pm Cut off for 30$ preregister venue fee
Non paid invoices will be edited and resent at the 40$ venue fee.

Thursday, April 26, 5 p.m.: Cut off for online registration

  • No more new pre-registrations

Thursday, April 26, 7 p.m.: Cut off for completing Paypal payments

  • Any pending Paypal bills will be cancelled at 7 p.m.
  • If not paid by this time, registration is cancelled and player will need to register on-site. If you do not pre-pay you are not “pre-registered.”
  • On-Site registrations will not be seeded and may have to play in conflicting tournaments.

Friday, April 27, 6 p.m. to Saturday, April 28, 12 p.m.: Badge pick-up and on-site registration

  • Pre-registered players may pick-up badges and pool assignments
  • Players registering on-site may do so and will be added to pools as space permits
  • Players who have paid the venue fee may continue to add games as needed until 2 hours before game pools are scheduled to be begin

Registration for any given game ends two hours before first pool is scheduled.

This includes games with 11am start times on Saturday!

These games will likely be: Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Tekken 6, Blazblue, and Smash Melee Singles.

Friday: 6pm doors open at Venue 7pm tournaments start.
Team tournaments:
KOFXIII “Hot Potato” 3v3 tournament_ 3 people, 3 characters, 1 team, 1 stick.
5$ per person, double elimination. 2 of 3 matches.
Street Fighter AE “character auction” 3v3 team tournament
- Each character will be auctioned off once, then allowing you to form teams. Obviously, max of 13 teams.
Double Elimination, pokemon style, 1 match per character. Always 1 set.
UMVC3 3v3 team tournament
-5$ per entry.
-Single Elimination. 1 game per player.
Street Fighter X Tekken Pair Play Tag Battle
5$ per player. Double elimination. 2 of 3 games.
200$ pot bonus!
Mortal Kombat 9: Tag Battle
2v2. Double Elimination.
5$ per player.
Additional Events can be added as necessary!
Arcade Games! (available 24/7, tournaments possible on ad-hoc basis)
A sit down Naomi Universal cab with a Naomi GD-ROM w/ CvS2, MvC2
Astro City w/ MVS: Garou, Real Bout 2, SS2, SS5sp, Last Blade, as well as multi carts
Impress w/ CPS2: A2, A3, MvC, VS, VS2, ST(jp)
MK4 dedicated cab running UMK3
American woody upright w/ viewlix layout w/ CvS2/ MvC2
American woody upright w/ viewlix layout w/ 3rd Strike or CPS2 games
Big Red Neo Geo 4 w/ MVS Games
American woody dedicated SF2:WW cab with Super Turbo running


11am AE pools 1-8, Tekken 6, Blazblue
1pm AE pools 9-16, SCV
3pm SFXT pools 1-8, SG
5pm SFXT pools 9-16, KOFXIII
7pm Marvel pools 1-8, MK9
9pm Marvel pools 9-16, 3S

Pool assignments will be posted Thursday night, but are not final.
Smash pools will be running all day.
Again these are tentative.
IF YOU PRE-REG and PRE-PAY, you are AUTOMATICALLY IN THE BRACKET! Allowing you to be late, hit traffic, whatever.
Pre-Reg ASAP!
So to my understanding the venue is the same as the hotel?
Yes. The venue is the same as the hotel listed. Rooms are currently 69$ a night (i'm working with them on this, but it's still a major discount from 99$).

A NASCAR event is that weekend, so the hotel WILL SELL OUT!

Reserve your room today (no money up front, just CC info), to prevent you being looking elsewhere for housing come tourney weekend.
Despite Flawless Victory only being 2 weeks prior, I expect a very healthy turnout for MK due to the EVO points seeding.

You're also bound to get more crossover players like Chris G (who's already confirmed)




Um, Civil War is a Road to EVO event.

Edit: Wait, I think I totally misunderstood you. You are going to Civil War. You're not going to Flawless Victory or Power Up.


Looks out to be the way, so i would suggest you to attend another game as well. i will be trying both Skullgirls and Mk9. i gotta register through :p


Brain Dead Bro
Looks out to be the way, so i would suggest you to attend another game as well. i will be trying both Skullgirls and Mk9. i gotta register through :p
I'm actually just wondering which day it would be so I don't have to take more time off work than I have to.
Civil War 4. Early bird preregistration ends in 5 days. Save yourself some money! Venue fee jumps from 20$ to 30$ on April 1st at 12:01am. Also, hotel is sold out outside of the reserved room block. I'm working on getting a 2nd hotel to reserve rooms, but you guys should start making housing/hosting plans.


Call Melissa Colgin during business hours to reserve said room.

Just got a block of rooms at the Days Inn about 20 blocks up the road. It's more expensive (103$ a night), but still discounted from 129. 15 rooms, mostly doubles.

Basic Schedule
Obviously I wont know until more pre-reg's come in but expect this:
Friday eve: FGC Team tourneys and side events
Saturday: Singles Start pretty early. At door registration will close before noon. (SSBM both singles and doubles groups will begin this day)
Sunday: Top X's in most games. X being # that didn't get finished on Saturday.

There will also be arcade cabs and a salty suite avail 24/7


whats the "guess-timated" entry count for MK? Or what was last years count ? just curious.
whats the "guess-timated" entry count for MK? Or what was last years count ? just curious.
I've put in schedules and preparation for 128. Last year's CW had about 29, but it wasn't hugely advertised as an MK event, not to mention the overall tournament size has essentially doubled (at least). Tom Brady won.

If you put a gun to my head, I would predict a turnout consistant with most Capcom centric majors, in the 50-60 range. While we'll miss out of some of the MK focus of Flawless Victory, the tournament will have some cross scene players like Chris G.

Also, there will be a UMK3 cab there.