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Any tips for me?

after currently starting to play mk11 (my first mk sport) my favored wto characters i’ve commenced to use quite decently are kabal and johnny cage, i do recognize the fundamentals of the game like blockading amplifying and so on..., however i’m still looking to research greater specifically when it comes to combinations. is there anything you men can tell me to enhance in this game?
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Have you played through the full game tutorial as well as your character tutorials? That would definitely be the first place to start, since MK11 has the best tutorial mode I've seen in a fighting game. You can also go to Youtube to watch high-level competitive matches of players using your characters. And we have a Useful Links page with links to a lot of great resources.

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Well I'm going to go a different way and say, jump right into online play with Kombat League. I say this because you are going to want the Kabal KL skin and you will get coins/souls/hearts etc and krystals to buy skins by playing this mode pretty fast. Also...it's important to get used to fighting against Scorpion, Liu Kang, and Sub Zero. and people that pick those characters show no mercy and do the same moves over and over. Baraka is also becoming a frequent flyer. But really...you will see a lot of players. The offline game is very very different from playing online so it is super important to keep that in mind. People will typically notice that ur new to it or the character.

The easiest advice I would say too is to mix it up and not be predictable.

Also. Here is a really good spreadsheet for where to get all of the characters you likes gear.



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Learn the input notation

Do D1's, B4's, throws, Jump in kicks and special moves

Then move on to string attacks with multiple hits, look for the fastest moves in your move list(lower number in startup frames = faster) that say "mid", do those strings that come from that mid

Learn to move well and understand all of the options for getting off the ground after being hit, E.G. U3, rolls, jumping, etc.

A general goal for any character is to do a string and if it hits, you "hit confirm" that into a special move or other string that does large combo damage. Then you mix that up with throws