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Video/Tutorial Am I too much for ya? Harley Quinn Combo Video!

The PantyChrist

Rest in Pantiez
Most of the combos in the vid are started by pretty common starters and all it takes is a good opening after a clash to take that much life? I'd have to watch the vid again but it doesn't seem that impractical to me


Again with the play doctor...silly slide gives so many opportunities after combos. Resets,and expecially the 18% damage interactible if its provided in corner after a corner combo. Also,its a lot more prefferable to have the opponent on the ground. You can easily start a combo on a grounded opponent either by b3 mb on wakeup, j2,j2 crossup in corner,tantrum,f2,you only need to know the opponent. And after the kick into statue b3 doesnt connect, i dont know about consoles but it doesnt connect on pc version. I dont see the point of this..play doctor obsession