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All Current Frame Data For The Characters In The Demo Build

So Baraka has to be almost mid screen to throw a projectile against Skarlet and if she's inside said range she gets a full combo punish if she blocks it? Me likey....


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The minimum input window on a punish is 3 frames, this was added in Injustice 2. There is no 1 frame block punishes.
I wasn’t sure if stuff specific to injustice would carry to MK.

So this is nice.


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Sonya's 114 looks like it has a 6f gap in it possibly, but it shouldn't cuz it's a high, high, mid string. But first hit 7f, second hit 6f and last 13f. All below -7f on block.

Looks dope.

@Circus are you adding Cassie's in here?


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I've had a bunch of time on my hands and an obsession for analyzing frame data to get a better picture of how NRS is intending characters to play. I've searched twitch and youtube like a manic lunatic finding every piece of frame data I could get from literally anywhere I can, and I've found almost all of it.

So, here's an early Valentine's Day gift from JTCircus to you all!
Hope some of you appreciate the effort! I know a couple people have been asking. ;)

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Only 8 images allowed on OP, but here's a link:
THANK YOU! Mary me?

I'm gonna now go and spend hours obsessively looking at numbers.


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At this point, looks like Kano and Sub-Zero are the more offensive characters of the game. I hope Kano gets more grabs. Commando bois here!