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I am so pumped for Triborg Smoke, he is going to be one of my new mains. I am going to spend a lot of time with him, I gotta compensate for Cyber-Smoke not being in MK9 :)

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Today during ESL Season 2 Finals, a Kombat Kast was performed showcasing Triborg, the Cyber Initiative Lin Kuei Changeling.

While we got full combos, in depth views and matches with Sektor and Cyrax...all we got was a showcase of Smoke's specials.

So in its place, here is a quick analysis of the 1 minute we got to see of Smoke...(I remember them doing the same exact thing to Kung Jin...)

Firstly, I want to touch on the fact that his MK9 tele...ya know, the one that changes sides, is a string and not a special. I believe the input was 2b2. This would make empty full screen 2s a part of the meta, keeping players honest full screen.

Secondly, Smoke is seeming to be a Vortex character. He has his own kind of spear (UMK3, anyone?) that restands the opponent. I'm not sure what options he has as an overhead but he does have a very strong low that pops up. This along with his string that throws the smoke bomb and his invisibility, his 50/50 meterless vortex game could be off the charts.

Lastly, his phasing takes a whole stamina bar unless meterburned. This takes a lot away from his movement. While this could still be worth it given his amount of teleports, taking a whole stamina bar hurts. We will have to see or test it before we can come up with a true assumption of its usability but as of right now, I say it'll be worth the bar. Imagine phasing through Tanya's Tonfa pressure, hitting her with a bnb and ending with the fast spears...he may not need to rely much on stamina...but its all speculation at this point.

I'm excited to bring Smoke into the lab and see what hidden gems this fighter has.

If you guys caught something that I didn't, feel free to comment!
I wonder if smoke will have plus frames on block on strings if he does ex invisibility kind of like deceptive reptile...I predict cyrax and smoke will both be really good imo.
Inb4 Smoke's anti zoning tools doesn't work against the business kick though :DOGE
Oh and what were you saying about you robbing me with business kicks again? (I fought you online)Your warlock is...Free :DOGE
Don't blame my connection...
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His harpoon restands like Scorpions flame aura. So it can restand at the end of a long combo or be used as part of a combo because they njpd after harpoon and it counted for combos. So more mix up potential


can someone refresh me? how (-) is smoke's smoke bomb in MK9? if it is safe in MKX then he'll be broken. hahaha
In MK9 it was punishable with a fast move. Not sure on the exact frames.

Edit. According to an old thread, normal smoke bomb was -9.
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hi so ive been watching the BRC kombat kast and there's smoke gameplay!

what i observed was you can special cancel his teleport string - the one where he'll jab and then teleport

around 37:20 ish :)

also i think the "phase" move seems to be better than its mk9 rendition, its seemingly a safe wake up move but you can get hit in its startup frames. (see first second of first round vs brc)

38:22 ish - the second hit of the jab teleport string will still teleport next to your opp if it whiffs.

the smoke bomb seems(?) safe?

the teleport ex doesnt seem to have armor.
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So Smoke has 3 teleports technically since whiffing his 2b2 still results in doing his mk9 teleport. Couldnt tell if it was safe on block or how much hit advantage it has.

He has fast hard to stuff and invincible wakeups (ex tele may have armor on wakeup like scorpion) but it looks like he has 0 armor reversal options which disappoints me greatly.


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So I will main Sektor,you will main Smoke...... do you think we will cooperate again?;)
feel greedy to say this but I want the sektor teleport, hoping the alternate color is periwinkle too. sucks that my favorite char is just a combo of 3 chars moves so theyre trying to make him all original now


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i can't even wait for Smoke to be released.

basically they just did what they did Triborg cast... barley show him.. and i like Derek Kirtzik but it was horrifying watching him mass up every combo. i just wanted to see a simple setup and how much time he had after said setup until opponent could block/attack.
but asking him to complete a combo, is like asking tyler to RC into a vortex after restand.. its just not gonna happen..

but i do appreciate them making the effort:)


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I wasn't impressed with Smoke during the Kast. I feel like he's missing something. Plus once again, it was a bad showing of smoke by Derek.
yep same thing i said.. i spammed the shit out of them untill this cast to get them to show it.... and then they just repeat it again... aggghh


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Either this is just a glitch, or this move is going to be really silly.

Probably not working as intended.
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