25 Years of Mortal Kombat

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by SneakyTortoise, Oct 10, 2017.

By SneakyTortoise on Oct 10, 2017 at 6:53 PM
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    As you may have seen on social media, Mortal Kombat is celebrating turning 25 years old this year!

    Enjoy the nostalgic trip down memory lane, to commemorate this occasion, below:

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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by SneakyTortoise, Oct 10, 2017.

    1. Eldriken
      "Nobody said we couldn't do it, so we did it."

      Thank God they did.
    2. Juggs
      I'm gonna say it again and again, if they come out with an UMK3/MKT HD release for next gen consoles in any capacity with GGPO netcode... I could literally die a happy man!

      It would be perfect timing to do it relatively soon, with the anniversaries and all. What a great way to honor what started competitive/tournament MK than to release THE tournament MK game that was still going all the way up to MK9's release! A lot of these young players NEVER got to experience competitive UMK3 or really any of the classics competitively. This would be a great experience all around, not to mention an easy way to cash in the mullah.

      Anyway, been a fan of MK since I was a kid. Will always be a fan, and it will always be my favorite fighting game franchise!!

      M O R T A L K O M B A T!!!
    3. skahwt
      Agreed. I'm a geriatric by this site's standards; I remember when MK cost a quarter to play, and the uproar caused by the violence.
    4. Revy
      I remember going to the movie theatre when I was 3 years old (1998) playing at a beaten up UMK3 cabinet with my uncle, my first character was Stryker. Every time I'd visit he'd have his Sega Genesis out with all the MK trilogy and had crazy fun. I didn't start to understand high level until MKD in 2004 as it was the first with online play and started to use Jade who made me love the game even more. Then I was just amazed with MKA that roster size was awesome (fuck Sareena). It wasn't until MK9 was the only one that blew my mind in every possible way and the best MK of all time and my second favourite game of all time.
    5. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      This was awesome.
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    6. ILuvFightGames
      Nostalgia. Because of mk (and SF 2 ww) I became a gamer. Mk I'm sure was one of the reasons why I didn't hang out in the hood with troublesome people. While they were ditching class to get high and what not I was ditching class to go to the donut shop to play mk. LOVE YOU MORTAL KOMBAT!
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    7. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Fantastic video, MK is, was and will always be my favorite franchise. Like I said before, I would love them to release a collection of classic games to the current gen consoles and PC to celebrate the anniversary, with UMK3, MK4, MKDA and MKSM, so that we could see the history of the series from all possible angels.

      MK had the biggest impact on me, and it couldn't have been possible without Ed Boon, John Tobias, NRS, Midway, WB and the community.

      MORTAL KOMBAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    8. John Grizzly
      John Grizzly
      I still remember the most exciting day of my gaming life. Walking into my local arcade and seeing not one, not two, but THREE MK2 cabinets. Back in the day, we never knew when shit was coming out. It just....appeared. As a kid, when I saw this game in front of me, I literally began to shake with excitement. I loved MK1 and now this new amazing version was out that I knew NOTHING about. I could barely calm down enough to put the quarters into the coin slot.

      This is a feeling that no one can have these days. I'm not trying to sound like the old man over here saying "back in my day we played with pet rocks and walked barefoot to school!". It's just simply a fact. You hear about a game 2 years before it's released and by the time it comes out, you know just about every single thing about it. No secrets. No surprises.

      Imagine in some alternate universe MK11 released tomorrow out of nowhere. You don't know the roster. You don't know the moves. You sure as fuck don't know the fatalities. I can't imagine anything more exciting than that gaming-wise. It would be incredible.

      Anyway, I could ramble on for hours about the memories MK has given me. MK will always have a place in my heart and I hope that when I'm an elderly man playing MK25 I'll still be able to punish the 90 year old across the hall at the nursing home for jumping too much.

      I'm a bit sad to see more people haven't commented on this. This is the foremost MK site. Hopefully some others will share their memories.
    9. mastermalone
      I remember all that and more since I'm prehistoric according to your geriatric status. I'm 43. Gamer for life...
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    10. C88 True Grave
      C88 True Grave
      I remember my cousin coming over and showing me the fatalities and debug code for MK2 on SEGA Genesis. I became instantly hooked and then my parents bought MK on VHS and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I'm not sure of my age, was quite young, but from that point on I played every MK game there was besides MK Gold and Shaolin Monks. Moving forward to the release of MK9, well, that's when I decided to get good at fighting games. And I did. So long story short MK is the sole reason why I enjoy many different FGs and the want to play competitively. Although it was Halo 3 that actually snapped me out of the noob mentality.
    11. virtiqaL
      I'd personally love to see an MK9 rerelease on current gen with the updated netcode, but I'd also be happy with your suggestion, the classics are timeless.
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    12. Juggs
      If the classics get one, I'll adocate just as hard for MK9. MK9 was to a lot of y'all what UMK3 was to me. I just want to the share the passion and love for MORTAL KOMBAT!
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    13. Eldriken
      Seriously, dude. I feel the same way. I remember never knowing that Mortal Kombat 2 was even going to exist. So, back in the day (I'm an "old man" myself, obviously :p), when arcades ACTUALLY EFFING EXISTED EVERYWHERE, I remember walking in and seeing the arcade cabinet. I effing. freaked. Mortal Kombat was the only game I cared for at all once I played it the first time and here was its sequel.

      I didn't have any idea what to expect other than probably lots of blood (and my God was there so much more in this one than the first one) and some gnarly Fatalities. Once I got my turn to play, I popped in my quarters and was presented with the character select screen. I took one look at Kitana and was like, "I want to play her." After I threw my first fan (after figuring out how) and saw the literal rain of blood that came out of my opponent when it hit them, I was immediately hooked. She was the only character I wanted to play as.

      Then I saw both of her Fatalities and fell even more in love with her. I played and played and played the game for I don't know how many hours, nor do I know how much money I dumped on it. Every time I went somewhere and saw an arcade, I immediately looked for an MK2 cabinet and was thoroughly disappointed when I wouldn't see one and would ask the people that worked there if they were ever going to get one.

      Fast forward to the game coming out on consoles and I was in freaking Heaven. Then came MK3 which didn't have Kitana, so I wound up playing Kabal (go figure) up until UMK3 came out and I saw my Edenian Princess had made her return and was just as badass as before. My love for MK kept growing up until the fourth installment came out. I played it, but it just didn't click with me like the others did. That's when the game kinda dropped off the planet for me.

      I didn't start playing MK again until I went to a buddy's house and saw he had Deadly Alliance for the Xbox and was thrilled at the new level of gore (THE BLOOD FINALLY STAYED OMFG YOU DON'T KNOW THE JOY I HAD) and Konquest mode.

      After Deception, I kinda lost interest. I played Armageddon but it felt like an effin' cash grab and I had NO interest in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

      Then, it happened. MK9 came out and I discovered the competitive side of me and have been heavily into competitive gaming ever since.

      Thank fucking God (NRS/Midway) for Mortal Kombat and now Injustice.
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    14. John Grizzly
      John Grizzly
      It wasn't just the visuals of MK2 that astounded me back then - it was the sound, too. That opening attract video was just incredible. The theme song....good god.

      Mortal Kombat II is my all-time sentimental favorite game.

      Last thing I want to mention is that last year I visited my buddy who lives in NYC. I became great friends with him in school because of MK2. I played him at our arcade and hit him with a standing HP anti-air, teleport punch, spear, uppercut and he looked at me like I performed magic. From there we played all the time and I taught him about anti-airs and how to optimize damage. It was so much fun.

      Anyway, he told me there was a barcade in the city with MK2 and MK3. We went there and I didn't want to leave. The only thing better than playing MK2 was playing MK2 drunk. I would kill for a barcade in Albany (my city).
    15. Savage8-8
      It would be really cool if there was a fresh MK that had all of the classic content. No fatality training, no fatality inputs in menus, Original Brutalities with huge button combinations, blood code, and babalities. I love the concepts they have for the new games....but man i miss these aspects of MK. If they had like 1 more balance patch for MK9 and updated the graphics with all new inputs for fatals and original brutalities this would be the perfect game for me.
    16. trufenix
      It is a strange behavior to want to celebrate a things anniversary by simply making it again. Let's have a new game with new shit to celebrate this legacy of ours. Making MK2 or 3 over isn't going to make me a teenager again.
    17. Eldriken
      Different strokes for different folks.

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