1. SxS626

    Are Those Klouds? Rain Is Imminent

    Baraka- Kommunity: "Very cool. much expected" (16%) Kabal- Kommunity: "Makes sense, much cool" (17%) Rain: Kommunity: "NEVER! NO ONE WANTS RAIN! IMPOSSIBLE! HE'LL NEVER BE IN MK11!" (22%) How is it so outlandish for Rain to make the roster in some form? He appeals to the demographic since...
  2. Zev

    Reexamining the Leaked Character Select Screen and Speculating Secret Unlockable Characters

    With Shang Tsung being DLC, and not an unlockable like the "leak" said, all the proof we have is this image Taking into consideration we know there are 6 DLC characters( one being Shang Tsung) + 1 preorder character Shao Kahn, that still leaves us with 3 unaccounted for slots. Could possibly...
  3. Scyther

    Reveal Schedule (Theory)

    Hey everyone! First thread ^^ So, I was thinking, if we have ~9 weeks left before the Beta is released, and there's 18 characters left to reveal, it feels like a safe bet we'll get at least 1 character reveal per week, if not two (if NRS is going to release the full roster by the time the Beta...