1. Zombie 83

    Shao Kahn Buff / Fix Video wishlist

    Hi guys , here's my thoughts about Shao nowdays, hope you share some comments Stay Safe! :)
  2. Zombie 83

    Shao Kahn [Wishlist Buffs]

    Hello everyone I'm creating this thread because Shao is my main,i love him but, he's actually (a little bit:eek:) out of meta He's not as bad as they say,he got good pokes like s1 ; d4 is a pretty good low profile hit ;a great sweep and a very good uppercut so.. Here my thoughts,let's get into...
  3. Truesolo

    Kung Lao - Buff Suggestions

    These are the buffs that I think he needs. 8f spin so he has a legit anti air to consistently stop baraka and others from jumping at him Teleport krushing blow changed to hit opponent with teleport 2 "X" amount of times or with teleport 3 If teleport krushing blow isn't changed then a faster...
  4. Eddy Wang

    Mortal Kombat 11 - 101 Series Extended Pack #4 - Anti - Airs

    Learn about: Shallowed Jumps Kicks Deep Jump Kicks Risk/Reward system of Jump Ins Trip Guard Punishing Also a pumping question which we can generate some discussion around it In MK11, the Jump Kicks lakes longer to start compared to previous titles, having 9f kicks and possible 10f (didn't...
  5. P

    The use of 21 and Highborn pressure

    My Apologies for the terrible Mic quality. Hope this video can help you guys out when you get your turn as Highborn Kitana and deal massive amounts of damage keeping your enemy always scared to press a button so you can get in grabs and auto shimmy's. Use this variation as well to zone, and...
  6. KutlessMyth

    this one buff could really help this character be more viable

    If the meterburn of fans didn't knock your opponent out of the air, and instead lifted them higher and for longer, it would open up metered damage and more of a full-screen threat for the character. That's pretty much it.
  7. Insomniac FGC

    Possible changes to make Deadshot viable again

    I'm curious to hear people's thoughts about what could be feasibly changed to Deadshot to make him a decent character again. One of Deadshot's biggest weaknesses even before the November patch was his inability to get decent damage outside of the corner without a background bounce. Other than...
  8. Th4tDrewDude

    What Joker changes do you guys want to see?

    Joker is in a rough spot right now and certainly needs some changes. Personally, I want him to play the same, I enjoy his traps and setups, I just think it needs to be much more rewarding for playing such a difficult character. If I could make any changes the first thing I'd change is giving...
  9. MetalPete

    End of Fighter Pack 1 Buffs and Stuffs

    Hey guys/gals What would you like to see happen to Supes after the next patch? I really only want two improvements: 1. 223 needs to work more like it did in IGAU. That means the ability to link F23 after 223 and resetting Superman to a neutral state when using 223 in the corner. Right now...