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Robin Oki Tech

There's an advantageous way Robin has to OKI just about every wakeup in the game.

It involves high gravity 212 situations.
The easiest way to test it yourself is to do this is training.
f3 3xxdb2mb 212xxdb1
The birdarang will hit almost every wakeup after invincibility frames and allow you to block the attack (you have to block most of them) and allow for a punish depending on how much blockstun is on the WU being used.

Landing it in match would go like this
212xxdb2mb b3 j3 212xxdb1 (loses to 8 frame WU)
212xxdb2mb b3 trait 212xxdb1
grounded starter xxdb2mb b3 j3 212xxdb1
f3 3xxdb2mb 212xxdb1

If they block, you're plus. If they wakeup, they lose. If they delay, you get pressure.

I noticed Hayatei doing this at Combo Breaker. Surprised no one has posted about it.

(Yes, my editing sucks)