Xbox One mods allows for PS4, Xbox 360 controller use, even Keyboard

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by STORMS, Dec 10, 2013.

  • by STORMS, Dec 10, 2013 at 10:03 AM

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    While the details may be unclear to me, there is a video called "CronusMax" that allows uses/modders to use other controllers besides just the Xbox One controller. Since this always seems to be the biggest battle for Xbox users, especially when it come to "pad warriors" trying to duke it out with a controller they have to learn to deal with. This video has gone viral, so study up and perhaps it will help you out as well.

    Credit: Kotaku
    Source: Cronus Max
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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by STORMS, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. NB Semi Evil Ryu
    I just saw the Kotaku article for this, a few moments ago. I'm at work, so I currently cannot watch the video with sound.

    But I noticed in the video in the beginning that there is software involved, where you map which button does what. Is this something that you configure to your liking, and then upload it to the adapter to use whereever you go? If so, then that's pretty damn tight!
  2. xBulletzx
    Yeah if anyone knows a little bit more info on this share the wealth. From my understanding it's an update that is associated with the adapter since the adapter has been around for a bit. I'd just like to know more and if I can use my fight stick on the one it would be great! Tired of feeling like I'm rubbing my thumb on razor blades after long runs on KI lol.
  3. Darklurkr23
    60 dollars though? Get out of here
  4. xBulletzx
    Beats $199.99 for a new fight stick though.
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  5. ProudDisciple
    If only there were confirmation of it being reliable..
  6. xBulletzx
    Couldn't agree with you more.
  7. Dandy J
    i heard tragic has some on the way and is going to test them for lag. sit tight
  8. Name v.5.0
    When the dude uses a mouse in the video, it looks like he makes a move and then the action happens on the screen a moment later...definitely delay there. Or am I crazy?
  9. trevor91
    Ps3 hitbox compatible?
  10. deathblooms2k4
    I ordered one for just that purpose. I'll let you know. They told me they were 99% sure it would work. They said basically if it works on Ps3 than it will work with this device.
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  11. GGA Dizzy
    Didnt the x360 ones lag? Not to mention the reports of it causing the usb to lag for other players too, causing it to get banned at some tournaments. I don't think you can expect this to be any better
  12. trevor91
    yessssss. I have been waiting to get an xbone because I want to learn KI on my hitbox, please let me know how it works for ya. the next gen hitboxes will be out in a few months, but if mine can convert to xbone it would be a blessing.
  13. Satan
    This stuff should be banned at tournaments because the whole thing can be programmed... There are reports of messing up/lagging other players controls - btw the video shows that there is some delay anyways.

    Instead of posting useless things like this, why don't you just direct people to the SRK xbone modding thread instead.... It's dead easy to do your own padhack for xbone controllers. The thread is found here:
  14. G4S KT
    there is clear input delay in the video. the delay on the stick is significant and totally obvious.

    this could be due to the samsung monitor though, IIRC Local Battles had all samsung monitors that had horrible, horrible lag like this
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  15. Satan
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  16. ZAQ
    I'm not installing the next XBL update for a while.

    They said they want to sell all of their PS3/X360 sticks right? :REO
    -They'd make money on converters
    -There will be less need to drop their price on sticks to next to nothing
    -They could help reduce the # of macro frauds
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  17. deathblooms2k4
    While I agree Macros are lame and take the fun out of the game. I think the fun factor is lost for the people using them. The best a macro realistically will do is give you free one button specials. Actual combos still require timing and delays. At a high level macros are not going to win anything, special execution is a non factor and macros are not going to do anything in regards to footsies and mind games which are what matters at the highest level.
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  18. Tang94
    Just to let you guys know, Amazon has these on sale for $39.99, though there are only a few left. I'm assuming all of them are the same thing and there isn't a new version of the device which will allows XB1 support? From what I gather, the only thing that's updated is the software used to map the converter, which is apparently free.

    *EDIT* Also, didn't Phil from VSM praise these converters at one point? I remember hearing him talk about the lag and saying there was none, if I remember correctly. The lack of lag still might not apply to the XB1 right now, though. I Just ordered one, so I guess we'll find out eventually. :)

    *2nd EDIT* Apparently, the sale was only on limited quantities. The price has gone back up to $59.99. Glad I bought mine when I did.
  19. Vinci212
    I ordered one of these last night, I will try to film a comparison - I have two giantsword custom sticks and a Madcatz versus edition, I will see if it work with all of them. Make sure if you order it that you get the "CRONUS MAX" there is an older version in amazon that does not support the recent next gen update they put out from my understanding. (This comes from Q and A from the Cronus Max site either way just make sure you are getting the Cronus Max and not the Cronus or Cronus cross.) UmKShock said the ones he let's players use at tourneys maybe cause input loss for the opponent? I remember seeing zyphox and a couple other people using them at Summerjam and NEC - did anyone have this issue?)
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    I just got mine from the Amazon order I placed after seeing this. If you are like me you are likely you are getting the "Original Cronos". Like Vinci212 is saying is not the same device and will not work with the xbone
  21. ZAQ
  22. Scoot Magee
    Hey does this converter lag at all? I'll buy one for sure if it doesn't.

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