Understanding the input bug

Discussion in '[MK9] Strategy Zone' started by LolingOctopus, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Have you tested this thoroughly? it sounds like it could make sense as soon as i get a chance i will try this out.
  3. LolingOctopus

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    I'll have the chance to test it really carefully tonight but from my experience thats how I avoid the input bug. It still happens to me, but I know now it's an execution error (that shouldnt be one but we gotta do with what the engine do)
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    Input bug, the neverending saga.

    I don't get what you are saying in the first part. I can do forward 4~close ground skull by doing :r 4:d:u 100% of the time. The rune thing is messed up but I think that's something different... maybe. To answer everything else, go to training and face Sindel. Put wakeup attacks on and when she uses levitate, try instant down attacks and look at your commands and what comes out. Shoutout to Slips for this one.
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  6. Somberness

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  7. fr stack

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    lol he got to close nrs had to ''deal'' with him
  8. Fraud Blank

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    This explains negative edge not input bug, no?
  9. aj1701

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    I know but what he found was pretty conclusive. Thanks,i think if people read that thead maybe we won't keep having ones like this pop up.
  10. aj1701

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    No, this is not negative edge. Basically there is one frame during the duck animation where if you hit poke you get a standing attack instead. Check said it was they changed something with how ducking works,iirc.
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  11. LolingOctopus

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    Im gonna edit my main post this evening after work to remove what was wrong (shang f4 close skull was only me being bad at the game). The goal of this thread is to find WHEN and HOW to trigger the input bug so we can understand it more. Not to whine about it (even though it is easy)

    also remember this is simply my hypothesis on the input bug, I am far from claiming that I hold the fountain of truth on this. I'm trying to understand how this bug work so we as a community can work our way through it. I really appreciate the information from somberness and others to correct me on what is wrong. It is my last wish to give to the community false information so once again don't be shy to blow me up if I do say something wrong
  12. Prinz

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    So you're saying that this is the setup after pressing down
    [xx] [xx] [xx]
    [UB] [Up] [UF]
    [Ba] [Ne] [Fo]
    and there's actually no down command for a while?
  13. LolingOctopus

    LolingOctopus Modest and humble genitalia destroyer

    if you do not dash cancel, combo string or perform certain special move there is no reason for neutral position to move. If you only press down the game will register that you are indeed pressing down

    To be clearer: the neutral position seems to be moving the most when players dash cancel and hold down before the "canceling" part is over. To avoid it, only perform dash with F-F and then press down once you know the dash is canceled. Because what the game will register if you F-DF is that you dash and you the player believe (and rightly so) that you pressed down so you can press 3 to perform d3. But the game seem to say "Nope, you dash cancel heres your standing 3"

    At least, thats what seems to happen. I wish I could debug this game so I can tell you exactly what is going on, but for now it's all in "theory".

    Edit: Alright, my break is now over, back to work for me but I will be updating the main post once my shift is over.
  14. Prinz

    Prinz Hai vino si MORI!

    Ok, the way I see this is that it's a good way not to miss down pokes after a dash. I don't do programming, but if you try doing d3 and holding down until the animation is over at different paces you will notice that at some point there will be a certain speed which has a certain delay when if you input 3 and still holding down you will get a standing 3 and then the character will go into crouch animation. This is the input bug. Also this may occur after dashing as the player doesn't do down and 3 at the right pace due to dashing so he may get a standing 3 out of execution error mostly. I guess your technique works, but for Jade, which is my main, I will not use it because I get a negative edged d+f+3 (low boomerang) which is very very not a good move up-close :)
  15. LolingOctopus

    LolingOctopus Modest and humble genitalia destroyer

    There is indeed a ton of variable to take into consideration.

    Also if there are players that KNOWS they did encounter the bug during a streamed match. Please send the match to me so I can try to figure out what happened. I will assume you did do the correct command and try to explain it.

    Tonight I will watch some of tom bradys matches where he does Standing 4 instead of down 4 and I will analyze what happened BEFORE the 4 (where he input d4) and try to explain that. If you have some exemple of footage where it does happen, feel free to send it to me so I can figure out what triggers the input bug "behind the scene"
  16. deathgun

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    my standing 4s rarely comes out during a dash cancel, 99% of them are results of trying to do it after blocking a string or when Im walking forward.
  17. aj1701

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    Did you read the thread I linked to earlier? It had the answeres you seek.
  18. LolingOctopus

    LolingOctopus Modest and humble genitalia destroyer

    oh my bad then :) sorry I'm somewhat short on time so it happens that I "skip" some useful info
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  19. Evil Eddy Wang

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    Some instant Air moves are result of input bug then?

    Like Kabal iaGB? (U+B) B+1
  20. aj1701

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    No worries, just sometimes feel like this topic goes in circles. :)

    I wouldn't think so. The bug is specifically related to something about ducking, and possible removal of some partial duck state or something.

    What you describe doesn't seem like a problem, as long as Up was follow by Back, a second Back + 1 should fire out the GB.

    What I wouldn't expect to work is B U B 1. So it shouldn't matter what moves preceeded the BB1, so long as the sequence ends in BB1.

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