Reptile's 50/50 off of st.12

Discussion in 'Reptile' started by Fraud Blank, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Fraud Blank

    Fraud Blank Blank never loses...but I'm a Fraud D:

    So here's something I've been thinking about and testing with.

    Off of st.12, Reptile has 1221(HHOO) That is -10 on block but is relatively safe due to pushback. If you want to stay in, you could follow up with an EN Elbow Dash and get that +5.

    On hit you could combo with the ChrisG combo (1221 , dash , F2 x EN FFB , 32 x SFB , choose your ender). And if you don't have meter or don't want to use any just follow up with F2 x Slide.

    On the other hand he has 12 B1(HHL) Now this may seem useless because it doesn't do much(5% on hit 2% low)

    But here's the thing, there is NO excuse why to not use it.Because on hit you're at +3 and people are afraid of being comboed if hit by 1221.And it's 0 on block which means you can stay in and do whatever you want to do follow up with 321 mix-ups or do an EN Elbow Dash whatever.

    I mean this isn't necessarily new tech but I don't see why it isn't used too much.It's not bad.If anything it's really good.

    EDIT: To add 1 more thing, 12 by itself is also 0 on block and +4 on hit which also adds to the mix-up, though both hits high, so might as well go for the safe options.
  2. THTB

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    Somberness must've updated the frame data, because originally b1 was negative on block.
  3. Fraud Blank

    Fraud Blank Blank never loses...but I'm a Fraud D:

    Yea if you look at it now it's 0 on block.

    EDIT: I just took a look at it again and a raw B1 is -4 on block and +2 on hit

    BUT! 12 B1 is 0 on block and +3 on hit.


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