New to MK9.. Choosing a main?

Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Cryptix921, May 14, 2012.

  1. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    You kouldn't find a main in Street Fighter either!
  2. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Earth's Mightiest Mortal (Kombat Player)

    I had mains for iterations of the game. Like Super and AE (not 2012) I had consistent mains.
  3. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    Krayzie says you're bullshitting!

    He said it's the same as how Reptile, Kenshi, and Sektor are all somehow your "main" right now.

    You mained Dudley, Seth, Yang, etc...
  4. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Earth's Mightiest Mortal (Kombat Player)

    I dropped dudley in like a week.

    Early Super was Makoto, late was Ken (because makoto was TERRIBLE)

    AE was Yang.

    Seth was in Vanilla, and only for a little bit.
  5. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer


    Point Proven...
  6. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Earth's Mightiest Mortal (Kombat Player)

    well they were different games so changing mains isn't that weird...
  7. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    Makota and Ken are both in one game!

    And what about Sagat?
  8. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Earth's Mightiest Mortal (Kombat Player)

    They're both in the same game but a LOT was changed.

    Makoto was bottom 3 characters in the game in Super but she was top 10 in AE.

    And Sagat is my main in AE 2012, which I haven't ever changed either. So take that!
  9. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    You said you used Makota and Ken in Super.. Did they release patches in the same iteration to change it enough to where you would konsider them two games so you kan justify switching?
  10. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Earth's Mightiest Mortal (Kombat Player)

    well no, but I only switched once that version, and none in the versions after that
  11. Johnny2d

    Johnny2d Xbl: STB Johnny2D

    I picked my main before the game came out based on videos I saw. I played with jade as my main all the way until skarlet came out, then dropped everything to learn her after getting bodied by ninj online. I think picking your main can be a combination of what feels right when you play, and what you see from match video that you want to do to people. I remember my jade getting bodied and thinking, damn I want to play that style. Ive mained skarlet ever since.

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  12. GGA HAN

    GGA HAN Galloping Ghost Arcade

    I always recommend reptile to players. Hes not that hard to learn the basics with. He's a strong character who can hold his own against the KKK (Kabal, Kenshi, Kung Lao) and he looks like a badass lizard. Plus for one of his moves he spits on you.

    If Cyrax is cool to you then he's a lot of fun as well.

    (Those are the 2 characters I use most, so I'm a bit biased about them.)
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  13. Chrishaspads

    Chrishaspads Biggest Fraud on TYM

    so did this guy pick a main?
  14. I like to think he did.
  15. Chrishaspads

    Chrishaspads Biggest Fraud on TYM

    I need to know who he picked!
  16. Picking main should be based MAINly on who you likes. Somebody who wants to pick main should see who he likes the most playstylewise, appearancewise, parsonalitywise, about difficultywise Im new to MK9 and I didnt hear yet about character that would be horribly hard to learn i only heard about haracters that are more easy than others so dont base your choice on difficulty (unless there is somebody that is horrorous to use and I didnt heard about it yet). Tier lists should be used when somebody cant decide between 2-3 characters that somebody appear to be liking equally much. If that persone have conflict between more characters tier lists should be never used. It is best to chose character completely without tier list. Tier list are only good support is looooooooooong pat situations.

    About guy who had so much characters in but not in the same edition of SF4 (standard, Super and super AE). In mine opinion if they seriously varied drastically what i belive is passible because i heard guy who did play Guile in Super and was have high results with him
    After he switched to newly released Arcade edition he noticed that his winning ratio arent 70% anymore and now is around 40 than EGP Wonder_Chef's main switches are not sign of rampaging main switcher.He was only a bit switchy;). Specifically that his SSF4:AE character choice is character that appeared there as new face (at least as for Streetfighter's 4).
    Those SF4's wasnt eractly different game but they wasnt also exactly same game switching characters when switching edition arent pure main switching.
  17. dc1902

    dc1902 Noob

    I'm not really new to MK, I just been away from MK for several months. I coming back soon and I'm struggling with the idea of dropping Sub-zero for Lui -Kang.

    I'm very comfortable with Sub-zero. He has very practical moves : 2,2(anti air) , 2,2 (option heavy string) , bf+4(wake-up ). Also I like that he is a tad on the slow side in terms of movment(I don't like characters who are to fast in movement).

    I know Lui-Kang is higher on the tier list than Sub-zero and I do enjoy playing Lui sometimes , but I can't decide if I want to drop Sub for him. My friend told me to find a balance between playing characters you like AND who you can actually get wins with in reality. I just feel so comfortable with Sub-Zero ,even if he is lower on the tier list.

    btw, I can't main them both because Sheeva is my second main and no way I'm dropping her. I don't play more than two characters in all fighting games I play. Someone please help me choose between Lui-Kang and Sub-zero. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  18. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Master of Sarcasm

    imo only play mk if you have an offline scene. Otherwise if you want to be good online, play Lao.
  19. The PantyChrist

    The PantyChrist I hit cus I care!

    I mained reptile, then kl, then Ermac, then finally landed on Shang because I could never pick a main. Plus stealing the opponents soul and doing their X-Ray was swaggy AF

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