Lex Luthor Gameplay in New Cinematic Injustice: GAU Trailer

Discussion in 'Lex Luthor' started by Rathalos, Jan 24, 2013.

  • by Rathalos, Jan 24, 2013 at 9:18 AM
  • Rathalos

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    Today is the day... as Boon hinted at something "HUGE" coming either Wednesday or Thursday. That something huge is a new cinematic trailer much like the very first trailer released for the game. It shows revealed characters in new stances along with dialogue to make it all more... epic. But that's not all... wanna see Lex Luthor in gameplay? In this video see the size of Lex in gameplay and a glimpse of some of his moves. All of this and more!

    "What say we have one last dance...?"

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Discussion in 'Lex Luthor' started by Rathalos, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Rathalos
    This image basically describes this trailer.
    I think there just trolling us now.
  2. Bi-on-iC
    I hope this is not the "Huge" thing Ed was talkin' about..
    And Lex has a "get over here" kind of move!
  3. Laos_boy
    The release date?
    Maybe that something huge.
    Remember guys he thought mileena costume 3 was huge
  4. LanceMonsoon
    Wow, that trailer was useless, lol. Superman looks really awesome though.
  5. Cibernetico
    2 things from this trailer.

    Number 1 : The way Superman and Wonder Woman were talking just screamed Squadron Supreme to me. It literally sounds like the DC take on that famous Squadron story where they try to better mankind by forcing things.

    Number 2 : goddamn does that Bat suit at 55 secs look horrible. Why does the chest emblem stick out like that?
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  6. shaowebb
    At least this trailer proves that fan feedback matters...they fixed Wonder Woman's face :D
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  7. TotteryManx
    Nice trailer, but I hope this isn't what Boon refers to as "HUGE" lol. I think most of us knew Lex was definitely in. Most know about the bomb etc. etc. Maybe if they release another reveal or two today we can call it big.
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  8. trufenix
    I don't think it has, the in game her looks exactly the same.
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  9. JPGalvatron
    Am I retarded, or did we already have the release date? Because I'm not wearing a helmet at the moment, and I'm pretty sure we had the release date for a while.
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  10. Insomnicide
    Lex Luthor knows how to make a Spirit Bomb DBZ style?
  11. G4S Killin Natzees
    Boon has a very sick sense of humor regarding his fans.
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  12. DownfouralitY

    I agree with you, but I still think it was a nice trailer. Wish they would have shown some Joker gameplay, though.
  13. Compbros
    That must be the Euro release date as our games tend to come out on Tuesdays.
  14. DevilTrapx6
    cool trailer, but i really hope theirs some more news coming today
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  15. G4S Killin Natzees
    This doesn't look like AquaMan or Raven footage at all this is bullshit
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  16. TotteryManx
    If they were to give another character reveal I'd be happy.
  17. RiBBz22
    gah this better not be it. And April 19th not the 16th...Could be a US vs UK thing though.
  18. MagicMan357
    hopefully there is more because that was retarded lol
  19. Flagg
    Underwhelming trailer.
  20. Eternal Darkseid
    That's the huge reveal? Meh. I was hoping for at least a video with some gameplay of the other revealed characters, like Bane, Joker and Green Lantern.
  21. KiD INsAnitY
    Harley Quinn <3
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  22. insignis
    level of noise of "meh" after that trailer is TOO DAMN HIGH. it is better to be something more or I'll shoot the puppy

    btw who is it on 0:52?
  23. MashPotatoTower
    Joker and super mans voice made me cringe a little
    I want to hear a real joker laugh
  24. TotteryManx
    I don't really understand why their making this so secretive. All it is doing is causing us all to be skeptical. Even a minute long game play footage would make the difference at this point.

    While the game will sell tons to casual players we are the community that will keep the game going. I bought 4 copies of MK9, show me something dammit! lol.

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