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  1. Laos_boy

    Laos_boy b3 for life

    This thread I made was lost.
    * situational
    ? Idk or incomplete
    Pokes and uppercut not included

    - 1 (1 1,1,1 spear, f2,1 teleport )
    - 2
    - 3

    Liu Kang ?
    - 2

    Kung Lao
    - 1
    - 2
    - Spin

    Sub Zero
    - 2 (2,2) (2,2 ice ball 2,1,2 slide)
    - Ice beam
    - Ice clone

    - 1
    - 4
    - Yell * + ex Yell
    - Step up *

    Ermac ?
    - Lift
    - Tkp
    - 1 ( 1, lift)

    - force balls *( midscreen) ex force balls
    - 3
    - 2
    - F2

    - 2 ( 2 fan, 2 lift, b2 fan, fan ,4 cutter)
    - 3 ( same as above sub 2 for 3)
    - Lift
    - IaFan ( 4 fan 2 fan 2 cutter)
    - Ground fan * ( mid screen)

    Johnny Cage
    - 1
    - 2
    - B3
    - Nut punch * ( more for cross ups)
    - F3
    - Flip kick

    - 1
    - B2 ( b2 1 12 double shadow kick)
    - B3 ( b32 shadow kick 4 staff grab)
    - Up rang * ( midscreen)
    - U3

    - Ball
    - Telekick ( Tele kick sai, roll, b12 -finisher-)

    - 1
    - Df2
    - Hatchet
    - Shoulder ram

    - 1
    - Net
    - Buzzsaw ( more situational for human)
    - Air grab

    - 2
    - 1( 1 12 shadow tackle)
    - Shadow tackle
    - Shadow upknee

    - 2 ( 214 Bomb)
    - B2

    - 1 (1 1 12 flame or up missile)
    - F2
    - Flame shower
    - B1

    - 1 ( 1 1 1 1 112 ms)
    - Ex cartwheels ( ex CW 1 1 1 1 112 ms)
    - 4

    - 1 ( 1 1 1 12 dash punch)
    - both gotcha grabs
    - Dash punch

    - Upball
    - B1 (b1-212-b12-upball)

    - 1
    - 4
    - Gunshot

    Shang Tsung
    - 1
    - Cgs
    - Fireball
    - Soul steal*
    - b1
    - B2

    - Chop chop
    - Blade charge
    - Spin

    - Nomad dash ( prefer Ex)
    - 2 (2 f4 nd
    - F4
    - IaGB ( IaGB

    - 3
    - B3
    - Superman
    - Electricute
    - 1

    - 1
    - B2

    - AA grab
    - Grab n punch
    - 4
    - f4
    - 2*

    Quan chi???
    - Trance *
    - 1
    - B1

    - 1
    - F4
    - U3 * ( idk how y'all do it )
    - Upalash*

    - spirit charge
    - Rising karma
    - 2 ( 2,1 rising karma)
    - Tele flurry *

    - 1
    - Geysers kick
    - Aqua splash

    - Ground spike
    - 1
    - Glove toss
    - Nms 1 and 2

    I don't remember moves for everyone so please give inbut and feedback.

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    BTK HYENA Fuck you; fight me.

    KENSHI: 2 1 RK. Hands down.
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  3. RiBBz22

    RiBBz22 Scumbag Killer Frost / Smoke. Time Traveler. Premium Supporter


    214 bomb
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  4. Joker8417

    Joker8417 Salt Proprietor of TYM

    Reptile's best AA's are forceballs, standing 2, standing 1, and f2. Also Liu Kang's standing 2 is very good.
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  5. RiBBz22

    RiBBz22 Scumbag Killer Frost / Smoke. Time Traveler. Premium Supporter

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  6. Joker8417

    Joker8417 Salt Proprietor of TYM

    I even read that, and I still put it down...fixing now.
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  7. RiBBz22

    RiBBz22 Scumbag Killer Frost / Smoke. Time Traveler. Premium Supporter

    haha I did the same thing with Smoke d1 since it is godlike
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  8. Matix218

    Matix218 D4, D4, D4, D4

    Ermac standing 1 into lift (combo) is a good anti air for him
  9. Espio

    Espio Liberation Staff Member Moderator

    Stryker doesn't have a forward 3, I would substitute that for standing 4.

    He also has a killer good 7 frame uppercut for anti-air.

    Jade's up 3 should be added in my opinion.

    I'll post combos off of their anti-airs.


    1,2, gun shot, 1,2, roll toss for 30%.

    Standing 4, roll toss for 18%.

    Gun shot, 4, roll toss for 25%.


    1,2, 1,2, 2,3,forward 2 staff grab/double shadow kick for 20%

    Back 2, 1,2,2,3, forward 2, staff grab/double shadow kick for 25%.
  10. mighty_honour_korea

    mighty_honour_korea HYO-OO *nut punch*

    Cage's Flash Kick can be used as an anti-air, though it's not very good.
  11. shang's b1 is almost as good as his standing 1 for aa (pretty much the same thing, but b1 can be done while moving backwards so i like to use that)

    f2 is eh, no

    why is f4 even up there as an AA, f4 is such a garbage AA it's not even funny lol.

    3 is alright, not really

    b2 is awesome for spacing in general, not a good AA really but you can use b2 SS for spacing, it works as an AA once in a blue moon

    SS isn't good at close range as an AA for shit, try that and eat combos

    db2 is good for preventing jump ins because of its tracking (not really a good AA because upskull takes some time to become active and you'll eat a combo if you don't time it right)

    d3 is good for anti crossups/aa because it lowers his hitbox

    his sweep is okay for AA because of its hitbox (though sweep and d3 will probably lead to nothing)

    d4 gs is alright as well if you're precise with your spacing but it's really hard (if not impossible) to lead up with anything besides mgs

    above all, shang's uppercut is the #1 AA in the game. use it always #kappa
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  12. ETC AdmiralAugustus

    ETC AdmiralAugustus Grapple Frazzled Premium Supporter

    Standing 1 with quan. Also, b1 and uppercut are more reliable than trance.
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  13. Laos_boy

    Laos_boy b3 for life

    Yeah idk shang I just assumed f4 was an aa

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  14. i mean you can get lucky with it but the hitbox on it is just crap for AA and it doesn't really have good priority

    it's more of (or only) a pressure tool
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  15. Squeaker101

    Squeaker101 As I live, ALL will die

    Liu Kang:
    2 is best best AA, decent range, killer hitbox, and comes out at 8 frames.

    Combo: 2, f12, b312, b1/f24 into Bicycle Kick.

    b1/f24 part: The 4 on the f24 will whiff (making the Bicycle Kick whiff as well) if your opponent is too close to the ground, so use b1 instead.
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  16. RedRaptor10

    RedRaptor10 Rampage's Protégé Premium Supporter

    Scorpion's is not standing 4. Probably his standing 3 and standing 2.
  17. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

    T4L Z911
    Sektor's f2 and b1 are more like footsie tools, trying to use them as AAs will generally get you crossover'd.

    Standing 1 into full combo for upclose jump-ins, substitute for uppercut if you're not comfortable with it's range. Flamethrower for between close and mid-screen.
  18. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Master of Sarcasm

    Jade's 2 is godlike for aa.
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  19. Qwark28

    Qwark28 Winner take all

    in addition to this hes one of the few chars gifted with an awesome d1 for crossup AA
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  20. Seapeople

    Seapeople This one's for you

    Reptile add ex forceballs and 1. Get rid of forceballs, 3, and f2.
    Cyrax add 12. Get rid of net and buzzsaw.
    Sub Zero get rid of ice blast.

    These are just my opinions. Even though forceballs, net and ice blast can keep opponents from jumping, they can't be used as AA on reaction. That's why I wouldn't include them.
  21. CanadianBaconX

    CanadianBaconX Smoke weeb everyday!

    MTL Bacon
    MTL Bacon
    I dunno about neutral 4 for Sindel... I guess it'll work if it's a far away jump but, I've often pressed it (cause I'm bad) and eaten a jip for it.

    I would probably add U4 to her list, maybe B2 but I never use B2 to give legit experience on it. Also her hair whip can anti-air but I defiantly wouldn't put it as one of her 'best' anti-airs xD
  22. matterovermind

    matterovermind mindundermatter

    Smoke's teleport punch is an alright AA - gotta becareful with it though. I also throw out ex shake on fools that like to jump in here and there.
  23. MagicMan357

    MagicMan357 Black Dragon enthusiast


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  24. for Reptile I like d4->Acid hand.... still working on d4->FB
  25. Squeaker101

    Squeaker101 As I live, ALL will die

    Lol, I do d4 into Acid Hand myself.

    It's all by luck too, I just use d4 to lower my hitbox, I cancel into Acid Hand, but it'll only come out if you hit them.

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