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Zatanna Community - Why are we slacking?


xbl-OBS trustinme
Shout outs to all the alleged top zatanna players who couldn't handle chris g's shite green arrow and had to run to aquacock.
I hope u all enjoy your evening.


You will serve me in The Netherrealm
Question: Is the Zatanna community only focused on "tech?"

How in depth have they gone on all the subtleties of her match-ups?

Who even knows how to fight this character? I sure don't! :)


xbl-OBS trustinme
Shut up that matchup is annoying and Chris G is good
Oh dear I feel I may have hit a nerve,if u learn anything tonight I pray it will be that the son of god remembered not to love,he thinks he is the dream and not the dreamer.
enjoy your nightmares about that top tier green arrow.