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Your Very First Mortal Kombat Experience? (Nostalgia Time!)

man they dont know what they missed..

Arcades in the 90s were golden.. plus any city you were in all you had to do was go to closet mall and find the arcade. no matter what time , usually someone of caliber was there.
I know, right. Tech might be much better now, but I miss arcades.


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I played mk2-mk3 with my older brother at golf n stuff and lazer tag for birthdays and stuff but never truly got down on mk until deadly alliance and it was a wrap. I remember spamming johnny cages nun-chucks and beating my brother for the first time consistently in any fighting game we'd play'd up to that point( he used to sock the shit outta me for spamming). We used to play street fighter 2 at the place we got our haircuts at and he'd murder me bad, but the tides had changed with deadly alliance. And now i flawless him on a consistent basis.

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1992 at my local Chuck E Cheeses (yes, Chuck had violent games back in the day!). Saw the Cage & dragon artwork on the side of the cab, walked around to the front watching 2 guys fighting each other with 2 ninjas......1 on blue throwing ice & 1 in yellow with a harpoon screaming shit. Blood. Then the guy in blue pulled the head off of the yellow guy with his spine still attached.

Was instantly hooked.

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Just liked this for the Chuck E Cheese. That place was the shit back then.

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Back in CA, when I was just Yung Admiral, there was this pizzeria/arcade named Caesar's or some shit. We used to go there all the time for birthday parties, after little league games, etc.

I was really into playing Tekken 1 with my mom and brother. I remember one day her and my brother were playing and I saw this arcade cabinet with a Chinese looking dude shooting thunder out of his hands. I grabbed my quarters and went to check it out. My brother came over shortly and started some serious button mashing with me.

We played on the pit stage and he accidentally got the stage fatality. My mom saw the gore and looked ready to smack the shit out of us. We went back to playing Tekken.

We used to own a super Nintendo, so a few weeks later my brother went out and grabbed a copy of MK. We played it for hours and hours. One day, my mom came in and began to freak out, but with my brother's quick thinking, he explained to her how it was edited on SNES. We showed her and she calmed down and actually started playing with us.

I miss those days ;_;


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In 1992, I was in my 5th grade elementary school's bowling league. I was either 8 or 9 years old, I think the former. At the bowling alley, there was an MK1 cabinet and I was instantly hooked. I'm still playing these damn MK games 23 years later. You youngens missed the good old arcade scene. People putting up their quarters on the screen - "I got next." Shit got intense at the malls. Kids physically fighting each other to play the game. Kids not telling each other how to do specials or fatalities unless you paid for them to play. lol. Kids selling "How to do specials/fatalites." They would sometimes lie so they'd just get your money. Haha good old days.


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Chuck-E-Cheese's. Saw a dude playing it as Scorpion and he did his fatality. I was hooked from then on.
Side note: My mom flipped the fuck out when she saw me playing it that night and whipped my ass. =(
Did she do a brutality on you at the end of the asswhoopin? :DOGE


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i walked into an arcade, huge crowd around the MK machine, people were fighting to place quarters on the cabinet to reserve their place for the next fight.

I didn't play, I just stood there as a child, transfixed, lost in wonderment, overflowing with joy, longing to join the battle


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MK Trilogy at my aunt's house when I was 8. My older cousin had it on his PS1 and I loved picking Jade, all of the ninjas, and Shao Kahn.


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I think the first times I played was around 2005 or something when I played deadly alliance, didn't really know anything except that I wanted to stab people with sub zero's ice sword and let them bleed out. Fun times.

I'd properly started playing MK last year May though, after I played it with my younger brother. It just clicked with me and I've been addicted to it since then. Solely because of that I love fighting games and their philosophy.

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When I was 3, my older brother and I got our first console, a Genesis. When I was 4 or 5, my Dad got MK and Streetfighter 2 (Not sure what edition. I don't think it had supers, but it had more characters than the first one). It was fun for the whole family, except Mom who absolutely hated it, which just made it better. To this day, I still remember the blood code (abacabb) and how happy I was the first time I jump kicked Goro to death, then how sad I was when I immediately got wrecked by Shang Tsung.

Never really took fighting games seriously until about a year ago, but I've been into them for most of my life.