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Your skills don't mean squat most of the time


Hello everyone,
I have posted several videos for tutorials on characters and ranked matches, but the truth is that all of those videos are not unique nor do they contribute something universally useful to the FGC. With that said, I have created a few videos and articles that have been featured at SRK(currently RIP) and they have received some great feedback. Today, I wanted to share this one with you because I think it touches a very important topic within the FGC.

The topic is the discussion of the difference between skill and intelligence and how there are many highly experienced players who have a false sense of accomplishment by winning against someone who is not equally skilled. The idea is to get a clearer vision of what it means to be good at fighting games, while also making it easier for people to deal with losses and to stick to these types of games without feeling salty and having their ego’s bruised.

This is a general discussion but it obviously includes MK and I do mention an important point that is directly related to MK11.

Anyhow, your opinions are always welcome. I enjoy a good discussion on an interesting topic.