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Question You have disturbed us. Why do you main them?


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Welp. Here we are. I saw a few of these threads and thought I'd pitch one for the many. Why do you guys choose to follow this mass of souls? Stories always welcome. Mine isn't very good, but here it is.

When mk9 first came out, I had an inkling to play with my all time favorite character, scorpion. I like scorpion, I'm just not proficient with him. My first button presses in any video game ever were his fatality in mk1(start, up, up = Toasty). Anyway, after dicking around for a week or so, just using random characters. One of my friends was testing out the EZ in the lab, was thinking of combos but couldn't do them. I could. My other friend was good at the game, and I couldn't beat him then. Ermac played a phat beat for me to beat his ass consistently to. lol We played mk9 for pushups one night and my friend was all "I'll take all your pushups if you use Ermac and win against me". He wanted a piece of the EZ that badly. In time, he grew on me. Despite the patching, I couldn't just abandon my time investment, I just needed to change my game plan.

Alright, now its your turn. I probably shared a little more than necessary, but who cares? Post it up people.


They've been my favorite since MKT, which I used to play often at the arcades near my house when I was 10, I've been using them in every game since. I remember how amusing I found his green projectile and flameport, which were the only specials I knew.


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I initially wanted to main Reptile but only if he had his classic costume and since he didnt at the beginning, I actually tried to main Noob but I didnt have the patience to zone so I dropped him. So I tried all characters (without looking at move lists) and Ermac came the most natural to me.

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I don't main him, I just dick around with him every now and then. I do it b/c I love the idea of telekinesis powers and his combos are flashy. I love flash!


When i first got the game, i looked for a good zoner. Tried out tkp and i was sold.
- i like characters that do not need secondaries.
- i like to zone
- i like big damage
- i like cool looking death metal characters ( costume 2)
= ermac


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Red ninja
Cool 2nd and classic costume
Psychic powers
Cool voice
Cool story
Flashy moves
Solid character with tools to face the entire roster

All that is Ermac. Nuff said.


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-I enjoy doing his combos, AA jiks to teleport punch ones in particular.
-Telepush is an amazing spacing tool.
-Awesome looking normals, I like to dance at the Finish Him screen with b34 and b1.
-Trolling people with levicancels, am I gonna telepunch or buttstomp? Probably not, lul.
-Trolling again with the iaTeleBlast.
-Green effects.
-No true bad matchups to my knowledge(3-7s and the like).
-Best voice in the game, MUTUMMAHAW.
-Near opponent round end animation, that arms crossed levitate swag.
-All three costumes are awesome, though I still want my damn MK3 costume.


I did main him at the beginning of the game alongside Stryker, very fun, very solid character that I've enjoyed since MK Trilogy and his return in MK Deception made him much more likeable and relatable.

The revelation of him containing the souls of the Edenian people, including Kitana's father and Sindel's husband was interesting.

Telekinesis is one of the coolest abilities and Ermac's space control is on point.

I like his new force push abilities and his levitation cancel tricks too. His ability to convert to big damage is scary, you gotta have on point spacing and reads to put Ermac in check.

I prefer his mummy corpse look primary and pretty much everything about the character is awesome and fun to watch, I'm surprised I haven't played him in so long, considering he's an amazing character.


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Before I bought the game, we played it with some friends in a house. Because we were so many, and the only way to keep playing was to win (winner stays mode) you didn't have real time to evaluate and choose a character. I loved ermac since MKT (Especially in MKD) because of his story arc, which I felt kind of identified due to personal reasons. After landing the first TKPs I knew that he was going to be my main. And since day 1 that hasn't changed.