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Wings without Redbull.......


The incredible introvert
Since VSF I've been looking for a character to replace my main.
I've been swapping loads of characters, but I find myself wanting to try and learn Hawkgirl properly.
I've picked her up and dropped her on several occasions simply because, its like trying to play Halo on 10 sensitivity.
I want to really try this time, I find her really fun when I do get her to work, but that doesn't happen too often :(

YOMI Trepound380

Tranquil Anarchy
honestly she takes dedication and work cause imo she is the most unique character in the game. she is flexible in playstyle and caters to what you wanna do. you just gotta find your style with her


The incredible introvert
that's one thing I'm drawn to about her, her utility. Not quite the same character being played in every match up.