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Breakthrough Wing Evading Zod's Trait


I'll expand

I can hold laser backdash to fake a xx grab w no xx grab and you evade and I get free grab

I can also do swipe MB laser catches the evade

Also to do this correctly you have to know the frame in which I will actually cancel the grab since ZOD can cancel any frame of the dash and choose to dash at any time where as HG is on pins and needles hoping to guess correctly

If ZOD guess correctly it's 44% min if she guesses correctly she has to guess again correctly

Also his rushdown cancels cannot be evaded

I'm just saying this may work 1/39 times just like just frame IAZ charging MMH tele
Hg can wing evade any single hitting move in the game . i have been wing evading zod trait since he was released this does work . also once we3 starts the trait grab will whiff or she will land in time to block