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General/Other - Ferra/Torr Wine and Dine with 2 of a kind.

The sand where I sat guaranteed blisters on the sides of my feet. The Outworld Badlands has no sympathy for the weak.I felt assured the shade where Ferra sat would cost a price equivalent to a flattening death. Ferra was resting in between a dangerous organic boulder's legs, and as I mistakenly watched her eat, I became squeamish as blood dripped onto her petite head from what one can only describe as a monstrous mandible.

"Torr!We be one, but 2 mouths we have.No more drip, drip. Blood on head from Boss Toss what we do" pleaded Ferra.

"Ugghhhra" bellowed Torr.

Torr was not much of a talker, but he did demand respect?No. Fear? No. Ah yes. Presence. Torr stood higher than Shao Khans Throne(about 10 feet tall)and his arms and Legs made the legendary Shokan Prince GORRO seem like a premature Barraka nomad.

The one aspect of Torr which I did appreciate not seeing was his face. A dirt cloth, moldy with the decay of blood and guts shielded my heartless eyes from the face that saw no difference between stomping a man's skull and stepping on sand.

At this moment either a cloud had shifted in front of the beaming Outworld sun, or 10 feet of death just stood up in front of me. I watched Ferra crawl like a growing vine along Torr's leg, up his side, and onto her perch on Torr's back.

My ears open, eyes dialted, nostrils flared, I listened to her every word.

"Pick money man up. We need talk." Ferra demanded.

Torr reached out his guantlet of a hand, and grasped my torso like a baby would a finger.

"You look at us. We stare at you. You show us money for din din, yum yum. Why not now, chum chum on you? Right Torr!", proclaimed Ferra.

"Chum, Chum", echoed Torr.

I only have one chance to survive this altercation with my "clients" so I better speak with few words. Torr is squezing the breath out of me by the moment.

"You want best food in Outworld Badlands? Give me 1 more win." I whispered to Ferra/Torr.

"Win, win give us more din, din? So WHO'S NEXT! Mr.Money Man?" Ferra excitingly said.

With possibly my last breath, between desperate clenched teeth I managed to say, "Motaro."

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