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Should win loss numbers be visable in the lobby?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. chrisofrays

    chrisofrays Fish can hear you thinkin just before you sneeze

    Should win loss ratio be as visable in lobbys as it has been in past games?

    I personally dont like the W/L ratio being displayed in the lobby.

    Firstly i dont necessarily find it is always a good way to judge how good a person is at the game but rather how long they have been playing. I have fought some people with about a 2/1 win loss ratio or worse who i couldnt even touch, and as a average player i have destroyed some players who seemed to have a pretty good record.

    Secondly i find that you tend to get cherry pickers that either just challenge newbies or people wont play with you for long as they see you are likely to beat them more often and are worried about their score. I worry it can hinder casual players from getting better at the game.

    The positive i see for keeping it is that you know whos been playing as long as you have and can hopefully find strong players. But there are other ways they can easily do that.
  2. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    I don't think that it actually matters either way, to be honest. But I guess it would be nice to allow the player to choose to have their W/L ratio displayed or not.

    I think the win odds percentage is dumb though, and usually inaccurate.
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  3. xenogorgeous

    xenogorgeous Talk to the hand.
    Premium Supporter

    agreed .... MK 11 should show only your own W/L ratio, and only to yourself, never to your opponent, and vice-versa .... it's annoying seeing people running away from online matches on acount of your having a high ratio, or the other side : people with high W/L ratio, being cocky stupid, bragging off when winning matches , spamming stupid comments about it, so ..... would be better not showing your W/L ratio publicly :mad: :confused:
  4. Ghost of The Moon

    Ghost of The Moon One with the air.

    I rather not.

    Some people purposely avoid people with good records.

    Some people purposely play people with bad records.
  5. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
    Premium Supporter

    If they’re doing a type of ranking then yeah a W/L isn’t necessary at all. And I agree it’s not an indicator of skill, but ranking is and I feel that’s mutch better for online play. You learn organically with people of your skill level and you won’t play people that are either leagues above or leagues below you.
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  6. It should display one someone's character card in rooms if someone is a wi-fi warrior or not. That's all I want.
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  7. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    I think they should just show your “score” like they showed in the right hand column of the leaderboards in mkx.

    Just one number that is an overall indicator of your playing strength, kind of like a chess ELO rating
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  8. NaCl man

    NaCl man Mishima boiz

    NaCl man82
    I doesn't matter at all. The people who care about their records will most likely rq on you and the ones who wont play you if your record is good are not worth playing because they fall into the same category.

    Me personally i always want to play people better than me thats how you learn and level up.
  9. JSF

    JSF Villain

    W/L ratio means nothing competitively. they just need to do what literally every other fighting game does and have a league/rank system online. if im gold and youre bronze i know regardless of your wins youre most likely not on my level. i still cant believe NRS hasnt done this yet theyre so late
  10. I always fight people who are stronger. And get my record messed up
  11. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Ask me about my Jade agenda

    I see the logic in this.
    But I like to hunt down people with insanely high win rates and lose repeatedly to them.
    Good way to improve.
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  12. Wam-Zlay

    Wam-Zlay Noob / Reptile / Grodd / Sub Zero

    the only odds I've seen in mkx are 0% and 100% :)

    //edit : yes i didn't the thread. in matchmaking i sort by most wins. I go through everyone until someone accepts my challenge

    imo the best thing to do is lose against people who are insanely good, to level up
  13. Queen Sindel

    Queen Sindel Divine Enlightenment

    I prefer W/L not to display. I am bad player, but can have "good" statistics. Many folks denied fight with me, just seeing my W/L, not realising they can win.
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  14. Eldriken

    Eldriken Your bloodline ends.
    Forum General

    Both the W/L record and win percentage chance can often be really wrong. I've played people that the game I said I had a 0% chance to beat and steamrolled them. Then I've had people with a 0% chance to beat me kick my ass like I couldn't believe.

    Sometimes it's accurate, other times, not so much. I do however seek people with a better chance to beat me or people with like a 223/12 record. Chances are they're good, but they may not be and just farm newbies.

    Either way, I'd prefer a ranking system for a change. That way you have more of an idea as to whether your opponent is gonna be good or not.
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  15. It doesn’t work like that. There are 2 ways to tell if you’re a good player. One is by looking at your W/L other is the chance of winning. There is a guy in tge lobby MaxDamagesomething, his wins are 4 times bigger than his losses yet it shows that I can beat his ass 100% and I actually do. Mine is about 1300/1100 and I’m playing against necros or really good players.
  16. Also should mention that MKX randomly resets your W/L. It can make your wins disappear but leaves your losses.
  17. omooba

    omooba fear the moobs

    honestly don't care if people are intimidated by my w/l ratio cus those aren't the types of people i want to fight anyway. however on the other hand there are people who see my w/l and decline cus it's not high enough so eh i could go either way
  18. M.D.

    M.D. Spammer. Crouch walk hater.

    Yes people rejecting matches because they don't like my ratio is stupid, it shouldn't be shown at all. Only in leaderboards.
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  19. SaSSolino

    SaSSolino MK11 Cary Tagawa main!
    Premium Supporter

    If we get a rank, the W/L won't be needed, otherwise I wouldn't mind it.
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  20. chrisofrays

    chrisofrays Fish can hear you thinkin just before you sneeze

    Yeah im the same. If someone is destroying me with a character im not used to playing against or a frametrap ive neverseen, i will be stubborn and play them about 10 times even though im not learning anything
  21. CrazyFingers

    CrazyFingers Kollector Main Probably

    Doesnt matter to be quite honest
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  22. BanTheTesters

    BanTheTesters #TeamBoRaiCho for Mk11!

    I’m in the stress test now and I can’t figure out why ppl are declining match’s all the time but yea it does show the w/l in pretty big numbers...

    I think it should still be displayed like it has been in the past but I hope I doesn’t phase cats to much
  23. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
    Premium Supporter

    Same, that was pretty annoying.
  24. Rizz091

    Rizz091 Noob

    They need a real rank / league system like sfv and show that instead of w/l. Win loss is not a good indicator of skill. Showing you're in something like "gold" vs "platinum" league or something while also not a perfect indicator, gives you a much better idea of someone's skill.
  25. Immortal Reaver

    Immortal Reaver Team Sub-Zero

    No it shouldn't be in. It's not an indicator of how good or bad you are and the majority of people with "good" records often just stat pad noobs. Having the ratio is a cancer to the game. It should only show connection quality and type.
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