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Why is the Nrs community so salty and toxic?

OH and how could I forget?! Have any of y'all ever been ddosed for beating someone in another fighting game? I didnt even know that was a thing until I played this game, so please lets not try to act like this community isnt toxic.
What happened with the Friday the 13th game?
Basically the game ended being overrun by griefers and the company were incapable of doing anything to stop them. Stuff like counselor players teaming with Jason, Jason being a punching bag because of nerfs or PC hackers using exploits. From what I heard, the hacks got even worse ever since the F13 lawsuit ended DLC for the game. Gun Media decided to also reversed the dedicated servers back to peer 2 peer on consoles not too long ago and now that gives any salty player to kill a lobby whenever they want.