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Why is Robot Smoke considered noobish?


Bob Dole said:
use kitanan vs nw. its the easiest.
Kitana is usually very easy. I think out of all the matches i played against kitana, i only got beat like 3 times out of 50 using my NW. Just me though.
abc ur dead0 said:
Probably because his spear is Alot faster than Scorps or Humans Smokes. Also, His tele-uppercut catches alot of people off guard. And You get caught twice and your done with his easy 40+% combos.

Basically, people dont know how to counter him, and they consider him noobish. Alot of begginers do.
Especially when someone knows how to go invisible, they are fucked after that


TheImmortalMan said:
LCyrax4D4K said:
I got caught in a robot Smoke throw-a-thon.
What is this? I've never seen a robot smoke do a triple throw? How is it done? Not that i'd use something as cheap as that, just out of curiosity
It isn't anything really. You can avoid any ground throws by holding away. Air throws you just have to be careful and avoid setting yourself up for.