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Why is Raiden so low on the Tier list?

He seems like a plenty capable character, More so then Baraka.

Raiden has so many tricks up his sleeve. He is a good zoner with his Lightning Bolt projectile and his teleport. His Anti-Air HK and RH is good and works against most Characters from a certain spot. I've seen good Raidens, and really Raiden just needs to take a step back everytime your opponent steps forward to keep yourself in anti-air position for an aaHK or RH. Hell even his ducking aaHK is good against Ninjas and some others. Combine this with projectiles to keep them back or to lure that jump. Make sure your Teleports are random and not predictable. That tactic is pretty hard to beat in itself, but also His jabs. Raidens not too bad in upclose fighting either, his Sweep is a little slow and is easily beaten, but if you stick on the person with Jabs and go into his Shock grab it can get alot of people who try to uppercut you between Jabs. Hell even if they blocked the shock, their timing is usually off and they try to uppercut but you duck it and uppercut them instead. Which is another thing, his Shock breaks uppercuts, so if you have an opponent who likes to uppercut when they think you are going for a cross-over into throw, just go into the shock and break their uppercut.

I Imagine he is low tier because if his torpedo is blocked, it is easily punishable by alot of characters?


I'd love to hear the reason too. I've watched whatever footage of matches I could find, but I dont think I've really seen a Raiden player.

His torpedo doesn't seem too useful. And the electricity, while nice and fast moving, has quite a bit of recovery time. And I know from trying combos in the game that he is pretty easy to get combos on as well.

What do the pros think?
Thanks Scheiss, you were one of the persons I was hoping to get some input back from. You've got a great Raiden and fighting him definately "leveled up" my own.