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Who is the character that gives you the most problems?


Not Good Enough
Cassie Cage. I’m sort of unsure how I deal with the zoning. My reactions are pretty buns, so as much as the duck highs, jump mids advice is applicable here, I just can’t get in the way I want. Characters that have high projectiles are easier because of my F3, but when I get in with the rolling F3, it’s either a block punish or I get read hard. I can ball out sure, but doesn’t always work. Have the patience, just not the ideal follow up.

Erron would be an honorable mention if all the ones I played didn’t immediately go into a yolo slide after the B222 string. Even if they land the slide, I know they want to grab for massive puddle dammy, so I just uppercut or WU.
I get whooped by good Kano and Devorah players. I just play so few of them that yolo stuff works on me. Frost too. They seem good but all ive ever heard about them is how low tier they are.


Well there's characters where when they get going, when the fight gets away from me it's a tough uphill...like say, Scorpion or Sub or Sonya or Geras or Erron Black or Jacqui, tho with them that's not a surprise I guess. :p

The zoning in the game can make me shake my head too.

One character tho I've often seen folks say ain't like super good, Johnny Cage...eh, I can have difficulties with him. It's like if I'm blocking his stuff I'm screwed, plus he's got his neutral skipper kick and I'd still say fast zoning. And seems like some good ease of comboing. I tend to think he's a better character than some folks give credit to.
Least his kick is unsafe, unlike say Jacqui's flying punch.


Kitana & Skarlet
When I play Skarlet it’s Kollector and Sonya
When I play Jacqui it’s Sonya and Erron


As a Baraka main; SubZero, Liu Kang, and Jade. I picked up Skarlet as a secondary just for fun and she seems to do better than Baraka agains Liu and Sub. I still struggle against a good, patient Jade. Any tips?


After playing for 2 months. Playing against Shao khan has always been very hard for me. I know he is low tier but there is something about him that makes him difficult. My main is Scorpion searing rage and Shao kahn just has an answer for everything. Who is the character that gives you the most problems?
As a Shao Kahn who runs into you fairly often, I can say it boils down to the fact that (please don’t take offense) most Scorpions play in the same braindead fashion. It’s back up and wait to teleport + f3/f34 until it lands. It’s not that Shao does anything special, it’s just because 99.9% of Scorpions follow the same flowchart.


cr. HP Master
Dvorah and Kitana. Honestly, its because I don't really know the matchups and Dvorah's range always catches me off guard. Also, female hitboxes so a lot of my characters moves whiff.
Jax ( Too much good 50/50s and pressure without cost and a free command grab crushing blow which amazes me how nobody complains about it)
Erron black ( This character is stupid from bottom up and its an error black from NRS. I count in every match how many chances the game gives to the person controlling error black to make mistakes and he still is safe and on pressure. Everything....that big boot move is a trolling from NRS and adding a cb into it just proves that is something really fucked on how they create these things. His 50/50s on pressure are mkx on mk11 and are ridiculous. Rewardind brain dead people.
And his zooning and fatal blow....Jesus man....this fucking char can do the shit he wants and everything is ok in his life. The amount of bullshit here is abismal)
Scorpion ( scorpion is my main hahahah)
Liu kang ( I use Liu kang too, I know what I have to do but i get jailed when he gets near forever until I suck his oriental dick)