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Which MK11 character is most likely to be a flat earther

Who is most likely to be a flat earther

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Frost, here's my reasoning:

She's edgy, so she's a rebel at heart. She got rejected by the Lin Kuei, which means she is seeking approval and she also desperately wants to be part of something. Combine all that emotional trauma together with YouTube's often random recommendations and she's one click away from being a flat earther.

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Anyone saying Kabal is an idiot. He literally runs all the way around the Earth, he knows it's curved. My money is on Jax in his older age, he seems to have gone a little crazy and those are the people who get sucked into conspiracy theories.


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This is probably the most relevant discussion these forums have seen in ages, props to OP
Frost BTW. Conspiracy theorists are usually either edgy teens or old people, and she's just dumb enough for that


Definitely Frost. Despite being riddled with tech, she's just that kind of stubborn a-hole that refused to listen to reason.