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Which console versions of the 3D games are considered the best for each game?

i'm looking to consolidate my video game collection so i'm going to sell my extra ps2 and a good majority of my ps2 games and replace them with a modded xbox with a huge hard drive. but im also really particular about having the best versions of fighting games so i will want to keep the ps2 versions if they happen to be the best.

so if anyone knows or has experience with all versions, any and all help would be much appreciated. i understand it's kind of an odd question in 2016 but i figured this would be the best place to ask about the MK games in particular.



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MKDA - I would say PS2. However, the problem with MKDA is the delay input you need to use in long combo chains for example. The timing is very tricky on PS2 (although present on Xbox and GameCube as well) and a recent discussion with @Check he mentioned that it seems the PS2 one is the worst. However, the GameCube has slowdowns and sometimes disappearing elements and Xbox version is a little faster. Playing the game on WII feels much better tho.

MKDeception - GameCube.Good version comparison can be checked here: http://www.mksecrets.net/index.php?section=kolumn&lang=eng&contentID=4200

MK Armageddon - Wii. Nuff said.