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Which Character(s) Do You Hate Playing Vs The Most?

Which Character(s) Do You Hate Playing Vs The Most?

  • Baraka

  • Cassie

  • Cetrion

  • Dvorah

  • Erron Black

  • Frost

  • Geras

  • Jacqui

  • Jade

  • Jax

  • Johnny Cage

  • Kabal

  • Kano

  • Kitana

  • Kollector

  • Kotal Kahn

  • Kung Lao

  • Liu Kang

  • Nightwolf

  • Noob Saibot

  • Raiden

  • Scorpion

  • Shang Tsung

  • Shao Kahn

  • Skarlet

  • Sonya

  • Sub Zero

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Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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Wow, surprised Sub has more votes than Scorpion honestly. His teleport is easy as pie to counter now(unless they use the cancel variation) but I find Scorp's staggers and easy KB combos are way more annoying to deal with than anything Sub has to be honest. I beat Sub's all the time with Jade, I can't say the same vs Scorp. I've done it but it's a bitch.

But anyway, I was going to vote for LK but I've been playing so many and found he can be zoned out if you pick LK also, Sonya, even Jade and I can usually manage with Raiden as long as I don't get close too much.

But anyway, I voted for Jax, Jacqui and Scorp. Jax especially up close needs a nerf, as far as I'm concerned he's stupid right now.
Jade main here. Kollector definitely ranks high on my list of "God why do you hate me so". I dont know what it is. Every other character I kinda know what to keep an eye out for. If its Scorpion look out for teleport, Lui Kang check for flying kick and fireballs, Kung Lao teleport and and dive kick check and check...but Kollector ...everytime I fight this guy I feel like I'm picking the game up for the 1st time. If I win it's by inches if I lose...well suffice to say I hate him with every fiber of my being

2nd pick would have to be Scorpion and 3rd Kung lao them damn teleports and dive kicks keep my ass grounded
Kabal and Erron Black.

It feels like Kabal players can just put their face on the controller and do whatever they want to me. Buttons all day, safe mids, 50/50 nonsense, D1 mash after supposed negative frames and I can't anti air him to save my life. Fuck that ugly ass character.

I still get clipped by EB slide nonsense and that drop kick is still the bane of my existence. Anti air B222 is nonsense. Acid puddle killing me before they jar even breaks makes me wanna fight someone irl


Rockin' Sindel since '95
Cetrion and Jade. Online they're just crushingly boring matches.
I had a KL set against a "Zone and Teleport only" Cetrion last night that was so tiring, it basically killed my session. Even though I won the set, I basically just didn't want to play the game anymore because the rounds had been such a drawn-out slog.

That's not good fighting game design.
Cetrion and Jade. Online they're just crushingly boring matches.
I had a KL set against a "Zone and Teleport only" Cetrion last night that was so tiring, it basically killed my session. Even though I won the set, I basically just didn't want to play the game anymore because the rounds had been such a drawn-out slog.

That's not good fighting game design.
It’s so fucked up how NRS nerfed Skarlet’s and Cetrion’s teleport but Cetrion’s is still broke while Skarlet’s is even worse than it was before. It feels like Cetrion’s tele starts up in like 1 frames and recovers in 2. It’s actual BS how they decided to “nerf” teleports
Cetrion is such an obnoxious character. I have no idea how she has been dodging the nerf gun. Why does that boulder she throws have so much push back on it? Why is that rock wall so dumb, it’s like an all purpose tool to use offensively and defensively. Why does her teleport have no start up or recovery frames it’s like fighting reborn scorpion. Why does her S1 have D4 range on it. Why is her back dash so crazy, she just floats all over the screen with her ridiculous zoning, I can’t stand this character. Her cosmetic design is top notch tho. I wish she wasn’t so cool looking.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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Changed my vote, I did vote for Cetrion who is annoying don't get me wrong but I've handled pretty good Cetrion's with Liu Kang Wu Shi and I'm not exactly the best LK player...now vs Jacqui, Geras and Scurbpion different story. No matter who I pick these dumb, busted characters will give me equally a hard time. I get Scorpion's whenever I pick Jade or Raiden, yeah I don't get how people think this bs character is "shitty" my ass...he's easily top 10 for various reasons, I'm sure some will disagree but he's such a rigged character. Literally has every kind of tool you need, he has footsies, mix ups, jailing, easy free damage off spears, fast recovery on whiffed spears, a teleport that kills the neutral and can still be CANCELLED making it impossible to counter even if read(especially online this mofo is safe af), crazy easy damage, can do multiple KB's in one combo, easy KB's in general. Saging Rage has that stupid yoyo move that people spam constantly, not only is it safe from mid to far but can AA, combo ender, hit you from behind him(yes this has happened to me with Raiden, I teleported once on a guy doing it wake up, and did a superman BEHIND him and still got hit [email protected] shitty hitboxes...) and can do use it on wake up. I swear to God, most moves in this game you can't do a special on wake up and if you can it's NOT as stupid fast as this move.....

Clearly others feel the same with 36 votes....but yet not many are vocal. I know this topic was also made early on but still, Sub is also annoying but he's not nearly as bad to deal with as Scorpion is....at least I can move vs Sub-Zero, Scorp I have to fight like I'm surrounded by nails...gtfo with that shit.
Jade: I made a whole thread on how much I fucking hate playing against Jade. I've gotten better at the matchup, but a lot of the time she frustrates me so much that I make every mistake imaginable and give them the win. That and it seems like every single Jade player I come across does the dumbest things and gets away with it because, again, she frustrates me so much.

Scorpion: Pretty similar to Jade but to a lesser to degree as I feel like I've gotten way better at the matchup and keeping him at bay. I still fall for d1 into forward throw (because they always fish for the Krushing Blow), f3 poking and random teleports sometimes but, yeah, know to watch out for it all and manage it.

Liu Kang: Again, a lot like Jade and Scorpion. Although, I feel that I play more high level Liu's that actually put some thought into their gameplay as opposed to the typical Kombat League types who Fly Kick from fullscreen, can't comprehend that there's a gap in f43U3 and immediately mash out Fatal Blow the moment they get it.

Honourable mentions go to Erron Black, Sonya and Sub-Zero because they all seem to rely on Overhead into Low and I have old man reactions so get hit with all of it hahahah


Shao Kahn is back!
Kung Lao and Jade (zoning variation) are cancer online. They don't come more scrubby than that.


It's usually people and their style that I hate playing against not character itself. Kabal is a perfect example. I have no issues with him but when they only spam jumping projectiles, that's annoying and not fun at all. Or Scorpion. Love playing against them but some only jump back and wait for you to press etc.

Ck AeroVoid

Mk Casual, KI God
Laugh intro.............. Inescapable combo that does half the health bar with a small 3 string button
Same reason as kollector
Sub-Zero: the art of lag 50/50s is the only variation this MF seems to have.

Kabal: this bitch ass nibba is as fast and safe as he is ugly, he has almost no openings and the moment you let your guard down, his dash makes you shake dat booty like you're his lil bitch and you can bet he's gonna take it for a spin.

Jade: She can go ahead and eat Kotal's hairy jaguar totem.


Tarkata Reveres Jade
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Jade. She doesn't kill you with combos. Just d1, yolo nitro kicks, and air razors. When you lose to her it feels like you lost to a complete scrub who never had a game plan.

Everyone else on that list at least do combos.
If you lose to those three things you are the complete scrub in the situation lol.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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Scrubpion is still worse than Jade with lag tbh, yeah Jade does get away with a lot of shit not going to lie(and as a Jade player I get how she's annoying) but match ups like Scorp, Raiden destroy her. I guess many haven't played a Hell Born Scorp with lag, his teleport cancel is safer than the Pope in a parade and is impossible to counter.


Shao Kahn is back!
Sindel and the buffed Kitana with the fan move that does a ton of chip and seems to be plus 50 on block are fucking (soap bar in my mouth) to play against online.


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Jade. She's just the lamest shit ever, and I die more of boredom than being outplayed, like I got other shit to do today, and I didn't buy mortal kombat to sit there all day. Zoning is one thing, but Jade in this game isn't zoning, Jade in this game is frustration for it's own sake.