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Which Character(s) Do You Hate Playing Vs The Most?

Which Character(s) Do You Hate Playing Vs The Most?

  • Baraka

  • Cassie

  • Cetrion

  • Dvorah

  • Erron Black

  • Frost

  • Geras

  • Jacqui

  • Jade

  • Jax

  • Johnny Cage

  • Kabal

  • Kano

  • Kitana

  • Kollector

  • Kotal Kahn

  • Kung Lao

  • Liu Kang

  • Nightwolf

  • Noob Saibot

  • Raiden

  • Scorpion

  • Shang Tsung

  • Shao Kahn

  • Skarlet

  • Sonya

  • Sub Zero

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Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
Premium Supporter
Wow, surprised Sub has more votes than Scorpion honestly. His teleport is easy as pie to counter now(unless they use the cancel variation) but I find Scorp's staggers and easy KB combos are way more annoying to deal with than anything Sub has to be honest. I beat Sub's all the time with Jade, I can't say the same vs Scorp. I've done it but it's a bitch.

But anyway, I was going to vote for LK but I've been playing so many and found he can be zoned out if you pick LK also, Sonya, even Jade and I can usually manage with Raiden as long as I don't get close too much.

But anyway, I voted for Jax, Jacqui and Scorp. Jax especially up close needs a nerf, as far as I'm concerned he's stupid right now.
Jade main here. Kollector definitely ranks high on my list of "God why do you hate me so". I dont know what it is. Every other character I kinda know what to keep an eye out for. If its Scorpion look out for teleport, Lui Kang check for flying kick and fireballs, Kung Lao teleport and and dive kick check and check...but Kollector ...everytime I fight this guy I feel like I'm picking the game up for the 1st time. If I win it's by inches if I lose...well suffice to say I hate him with every fiber of my being

2nd pick would have to be Scorpion and 3rd Kung lao them damn teleports and dive kicks keep my ass grounded
Kabal and Erron Black.

It feels like Kabal players can just put their face on the controller and do whatever they want to me. Buttons all day, safe mids, 50/50 nonsense, D1 mash after supposed negative frames and I can't anti air him to save my life. Fuck that ugly ass character.

I still get clipped by EB slide nonsense and that drop kick is still the bane of my existence. Anti air B222 is nonsense. Acid puddle killing me before they jar even breaks makes me wanna fight someone irl